LFGSS Regent's Laps - Weekday Mornings 06:30

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  • Haha everyone gearing up now
    Doesn't need to be an absolute smash fest does it? Can we just do some chat laps, maybe one or two quick ones to finish with

  • Ha, no matter what is agreed before, you know its just going to turn into a massive smash fest on the first lap!

  • I'm just coming for the skinsuits and coffee

  • Nah you should be on 48x19

  • Spin to win!

  • Can we just do some chat laps, maybe one or two quick ones to finish with

    Please! All this talk of 7min laps... 😬

    I only have a geared bike now

  • 🤔 might be up for this

  • Don’t worry you’ll have me to chat to, don’t plan on smashing any sub 8 min laps anytime soon (unless @6pt and @Hovis shows up) XD

  • Deal. You have brklss installed?

  • Mate I’m in Devon now and I don’t even have a bike here. Not going to be showing up in Regents Park any time soon.

  • Just whip skidding, also running 49x19 too

  • I know, this is why one won't smash any PB.

    Will wait until you arrive back in town in 2025 (hopefully you'll be slower by then)

  • Sweet. I've only got 49x17 and no other cogs or rings so it is what it is

  • Have quite literally dusted off the fixed bike in anticipation. I’ve probably dropped a few IQ points since 2012 but at least I definitely wouldn’t be stupid enough to have a bike built without water bottle bosses these days

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  • Also staying at 48x17, sounds like there’ll be enough people for chat laps when we inevitably get dropped on lap one

  • I don't think I could even cycle as far as regents park anymore let alone sub 8 min laps.

  • Apologies, I did not mean to turn this laps chat toxic. Didn’t realise you were all thinking fixed, though. I don’t have a track bike built at the moment.

  • there is some nice poker face and intox action going on here

  • The fixed is ready for laps. 48x17

    I’m also planning to ride the TNRC on Thursday evening and suspect I’ll regret that gear choice as I climb Exedown.

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  • I did laps this morning, doing north London hills tomorrow and richmond laps on friday so not sure about making thursday AM too this week...

  • used to do the exedown TNRC on 50x16 in the old days.
    (used to do = made it to the top once)

  • My knees ache just thinking about that.

    Hope you’re well and enjoying life

  • Yeah but you don’t count.
    Also happy to postpone this week as Thursday is a day off so I might just go for a ride.

  • Easy either way. Keep me posted

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LFGSS Regent's Laps - Weekday Mornings 06:30

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