LFGSS Regent's Laps - Weekday Mornings 06:30

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  • Don't lean.

  • Usually ride on Tuesday or Thursday morning. Though when we say early I mean early due to work commitments.

  • Who was pushing hard on the front today? On a Standard with cosmic paintjob XXXL size track frame?

  • oh yeah, i might see you round then.

    i think i ran in to you at regents the other day? you were on that awesome Look. I was riding a steel road bike with blue fade.

  • Dusting off this thread, but me and my colleague will be out and about tomorrow early morning for laps and coffee afterwards. Will there on the track bike round 6am for a morning spin and chill vibes if anyone like to join.

  • You should've texted. I'm due out tmw/ Thursday.
    Be starting on the reg from next week. 0530-0630 session as work starts @7...(when I'm on days)

  • This is a perfect excuse to test out the new Pre Cursa build, count me in ! Where do you meet? To recognise me, I'll be on this https://flic.kr/p/2dHZWq7
    ***Disclaimer - I'm not in race shape atm =0

  • Sorry Doc, will try to make it more often and involve people who can get out of bed during that period (granted i got trick thinking it was summer weather yesterday)

  • We usually meet at the SE corner of the entrance gate, usually there are two session one super early in the morning and one in the afternoon. It would be a more regular thing once the weather gets warmer.

  • Was in this morning for a few steady laps.

    Got the layering wrong so ended up pretty cold

  • What are the times for the morning (05:30?) and evening meets? Also what days?

  • Hearing reports the park outer road is closed due to prep for the trump visit. Did anyone go this evening?

  • yeah i was just there, they started building the fences today. At the moment you can still go through but at some point soon they'll block it off properly :(

  • 0600 tomorrow morning if anyone's keen.
    I'll be geared (apologies) and in forum skinsuit.
    Meet at RCOG. Bunch of laps then some chatting, then maybe a coffee at second shot if its open

  • I'm having a little moment of sadness right now.

  • Will be there tomorrow too, gears and kit. Legs will be subjective.

  • @HoKe, I'm going to have to raincheck until Friday. Can't find my key to my work bike locker!
    Instead I'll be heading out SW from 0520.

  • Literally feels like I’ve been left at the altar.

  • Hey, at least I found this out now.
    (after 1.5hrs of furiously hunting around the house).

  • Does this still happen? Looking for riding pals

  • I hear @6pt is there every Thursday, with a baby chair attached to his new hybrid.

    Don't think he's quite hitting the 20mph lap with this setup though.

  • Sounds like it could be my pace then...

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LFGSS Regent's Laps - Weekday Mornings 06:30

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