Hard Day in the Peaks 2023

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  • St Patricks day alleycat on the 17th, so slight preference for the 4th, but really either is ok for me.

  • Can’t do either I’m afraid.

  • I can't do the 4th but can do the 11th or 17th.

  • Keeping an eye on this to make up for missing last weekend. Will be work dependent, but a solid day of climbing would be a treat.

  • Cowlow Lane

    I'm out

  • Date looks stable

  • Yep, just keeping it as the 11th I think.

  • Trains booked, got the 06h00 and 20h01. £40. There's a slightly later train out, but I couldn't seem to a get bike reservation. 8pm back seemed like a sensible number of beers.
    I have very little idea of what I've signed up for. But I did see on Countryfile (I confess) the highest village pub at Flash, which we may go near.

  • Unbelievably I have to fucking work (100% non-negotiable) on the 11th so I'm out. Enjoy everyone :(

  • I don't mind riding in the Peaks twice if I must (if the date changes)

  • No, the best way for these rides to go ahead is if someone chooses the date and then people flock to it (or not). Am sad to miss this edition but Peaks this year were always going to be a long shot for me

  • Trains booked

    Not riding out?

    The guy who ran the brewery in Flash was hilarious.

  • bumping the thread and still pondering as far as i am concerned, it will be a late decision.

    i am planning a london-cambridge fixed on the 18th, possibly with a return if a group forms. anyone with a pit-stop suggestion around Cambridge ?

  • I will have to give this a miss unfortunately i was hoping to get back from France in time but my return date has now changed.

  • Bit late to this but I'd be up for London-Cambridge fixed, assuming you mean 18th March and not today?!

    Return might be pushing it though! Maybe worth a ride post to see if there are any more takers?

  • I was planning an outing today but got an allergy this week and and didn't pursue.
    Maybe 18th of march sounds like a possibility, it will depend on what happens on the 11th

  • I am working on a route to make this happen. Planned start is 9am on 11th March from the station. Sorry to those that can't make it. Hopefully see you again at some point (and always up for a ride should anybody happen to be in Derbyshire).

  • Bumping this as my train tickets arrived, so it's getting real. Panicking about having to sort out something lighter than 75gi. What you got @Po, a nice flat route but still with all the scenery?
    Long and hopefully inaccurate forecast is for the snow to only be light.

  • Well it's flatter than YAL's route...

    Doing a bit of a recce tomorrow, will post up the route this weekend.

  • Anyone else going up from London in for a group save on the train tickets?

  • Proposed route. Cafe stop in Hope just before the 60km mark. The Mam Tor/Mam Nick loop is optional (though well worth it). Alternative, slightly easier route back via Grindleford depending how the legs feel on the day.


  • Still pondering because of family schedule but looking positive

  • really enjoyed HDIJ and was thinking at the end of that I'd be around for this, but can't do that day. maybe next year - have a good one !

  • I am gutted that I can't make Saturday. If anyone is on the fence I'm telling you 1) it's absolutely doable fixed and 2) it will be some of the nicest riding and scenery you'll get all year

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Hard Day in the Peaks 2023

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