Hard Day in the Peaks 2023

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  • Sheffield Station
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  • It's tough that one, one of the very few I've had to get off and push on. Was 12 months before I went back and rode it in full, even then it was max effort. I think this is because there're some tasty climbs to get there first whichever route you choose.

  • Appreciated! This is more for my own benefit than planning a HDITP through there. That section looks so beautiful, I'm desperate to see it but like you say it's bloody hard to even get there in the first place

  • it's bloody hard to even get there in the first place

    Which is all the more reason to include it the rewards are great. I'm assuming Goyt Valley would follow which is my favourite climb as it is pretty much traffic free being 1-way.

  • This looks bleak

  • If you liked riding in ice cloud, you'll love this. It should at least be melted ice

  • When do we start fighting for trains?

  • Keen. I’m working nights that weekend but hopefully can swap out of the shifts.

    Just need to sort a bike…

  • Would be good to see you! It’s been a while.

  • I don't see an easy way out west from Sheffield

    No such way exists

  • Well fuck it we might as well go the nicest way possible then!

  • so any update/decision on the route ?

  • I've been petitioned to move the date a week either way (so the 4th or 18th). Any preference from you southerners?

  • There must be a way to avoid that drag out of Hathersage after 60 miles. Not sure I can face it again.

  • Cycling this week has been okay with my shin so would vote 11th or 25th

  • Nah, it's that they don't open bikes spaces until 5/6 weeks before the date of travel, so it's only saying no spaces as they aren't bookable yet. But my vote is Sheffield start, more dependable trains and ever so slightly easier to get to

  • Yeah, we go up the Dale which is not a drag it's fucking gorgeous but quite brutal

  • There’s no way of getting from Hathersage back to Sheffield that doesn’t involve suffering

  • The train?

  • Looool, ok yeah that’s one way I guess

  • You could miss out the first bit of The Dale (which is the draggy bit) by going back up Coggers Lane but continue up onto Long Causeway/North Lees - this is the road which runs below Stanage Edge - before meeting back up with your route onto The Dale and Ringinglow Road.

  • That way is marginally less savage, would add an extra 125 - 150 feet of climbing tho.

    That said, riding along North Lees and gawping up at Stanage is great, so it could be a worthwhile diversion.

  • would add an extra 125 - 150 feet of climbing tho

    Excellent, the route needs more climbing.

  • Coggers is still pretty savage. Would be preferable to riding up surprise view in a group though.

    Personally would prefer the weekend before, if it’s going to be rescheduled.

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Hard Day in the Peaks 2023

Posted by Avatar for Po @Po