Hard Day in the Peaks 2023

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  • Back for a fourth year, the Peaks spin-off of the HDIJ. If you think a fixed/SS ride in the Peak District is ridiculous then you'd be right. Expect to walk at some point. Cafe stop at the halfway point, post-ride beers at the Station Tap on return.

    Route TBC but typically ~100km with 2,000m elevation.

    Date provisionally set as March 11th.

    2019/20 ed.
    2022 ed.

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  • Subbed. I've got a big run the next day but keen to try and make this work somehow.

  • Not a chance I've got the legs for this but I'll save the date in any case.

  • Depending on the chosen route I can provide cake for those requiring an energy boost.

  • Not helpful but this was my 1st draft for '23 with a Maccy start. I'll see what I have for a Sheffield start.

    This would bang tho

  • That first 20 miles would finish me. Unfortunately I have an xc league race that day, plus I'll be without SS or Fixed for the road by then. #grimace

  • The thought of riding 110km fixed is enough for me to cry off, nevermind 2500m elevation. Seems insurmountable and/or unenjoyable. Will keep the date free.

  • If you were to do the Macc start route, you've gotta stop at Flash Bar Stores for refuelling purposes, they do fantastic home made cakes.

  • @yoshy date is just provisional, I can do a week either side. Also happy to do a Macclesfield start.

    @jontea can second Flash Bar Stores. Usually have a fire going too.

  • A week either side is booked up for me unfortunately. I could do 25th

  • Tbh I'm in fantasy land if I think I'm gonna be able to ride this in 7 weeks, just got a bit over-excited

  • Here's a Sheffield start draft. As you may see I'm having a little trouble keeping the elevation under control. I don't see an easy way out west from Sheffield, it's just Up to the Peaks, other no other non-A road way about it. Admttedly I have put in Bamford, Monsal Head, Mamnick, and The the Dale but they are such nice climbs and irresistable!

    Anyway happy for other's insight into toying with it etc. Main thing is what to do if we want to keep the lunch stop in Castleton as means we can only go so far west


  • Fuck that is actually harder than last year which seems to be the opposite of the consensus gathered in the pub

  • M*mn*ck

    You said it once, but I think you got away with it. Just don't say it 3 times into a mirror.

  • 11th is the day before my bday so i raise it up with HR and get a sympathetic ear

    gear chat ?

  • Hey that piece of shit doesn't get to take the name of the moutain. Mamnick was named first, some dumpy small dick energy edgelord's clobber comes a distant, distant second.

  • gear chat ?

    65" (51*21) for me in 2020

  • Recommend routing via Kettleshulme and taking Side End Lane past Windgather Rocks instead of approaching from the west. Far far more fixed friendly, it would be a long uphill walk the west way on anything approaching a usable gear.

  • what to do if we want to keep the lunch stop in Castleton as means we can only go so far west

    The Old Town Bakehouse in Chapel-en-le-Frith do a good selection of cakes, brunch, and lunch items. Outdoor seating only (covered) but should be ok in March?

    There's also a ridiculous climb out of Combs that I have unfinished business with...

    Edit: Cowlow Lane https://veloviewer.com/segment/945116/Co­wlow+Ln+Climb

  • You’ll be fine :)

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  • I've got shin splints from running, so keeping expectations low. Even just walking the dog caused some pain this morning, which is what prompted the comment about not being ready

  • Do you mean Hooleyhey Lane up to Pym Chair? It looks like a tough mile but steady. Rest looks ok.

  • the name of the moutain. Mamnick was named first

    Points of order:
    1) It's a hill
    2) The hill is called Mam Tor
    3) Mam Nick (with a space)

  • Cowlow Lane

    Rode up this last year and it's ridiculous. Not a chance I'd be doing that fixed lol

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Hard Day in the Peaks 2023

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