LFGSS.CC Summer (Training) Ride #3- De mythische Blue Ei

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  • Time for a big-un. Off we go to the Blue Egg.
    Leaving early, returning late. Its a long ride of over 100miles from LMNH (ish), and I think we'll probably nick Tao Geoghegan Hart's route* making it even longer:

    • with a couple of edits.

    Need a decent sized group for this, and lots of people with the route for when my Garmin fails.
    About the same pace as the last Essex ride, probably a little slower.
    Should be fun!

  • Dang!!! Looks good!

    Probably won't be coming this one due to the clash with this:


    Have fun guys!

  • This too.

  • probably a little slower

    yes! ;)

    Whats with detour around Blackmore? No point taking any other route back in London apart from Epping new rd .. its less evil of the alternatives.

  • ^ I've heard this before every ride. Never seen it happen yet...

  • I didn't create the route. Just nicked it from Rapha.

    @branwen- I'm at a conference all week. Will be super fat.
    Can't even take bike. :(

  • ^ LIAR!
    Tom 6pt and Henry 'brows will never be fat nor slow, don't believe their lies.

    (ps, love you guys)

  • Totally into this if I can convince my riding buddies to come too. Might add 3 or 4 onto the peloton.

  • Me and @Joeboat might be keen for this. What kinda pace are you thinking (knowing how fast TTM is...!) ?

  • Of threshold?? K yeh no problem.

  • We did the last Essex ride at 18.9 average for the Essex part.... Probably looking at 17ish average for this. I wont be putting the hammer down at any point, except for the return down Epping shithouse road. (When I get round to fixing the route).

    Also- to be confirmed but @6pt is on holiday I think.

    Also if @dbr you can make it that'd be sweet!
    I'm gonna make some rice cakes/energy bars for this... Will try bringing a musette full for handing out, but only if I g t some time to do so (will confirm Friday).

    & in further response to@amey earlier I'll be editing it to straight through Blackmore for ease of return and ditto with Epping shithouse road. (If anyone wants to do that- I'd be grateful!)

  • Count me in then

  • I'll do it

  • Could just reverse it, tbh...

  • in

  • Would really like to make this ride but am busy...though I would say that for me personally, doing virtually all my riding out in Essex from East London, I don't get the preference for Epping New Road...busy with traffic, which is generally speeding, and a shitty surface to boot. I often prefer to go out and back through Lambourne...

  • care to show on google maps? Every other alternative that I've taken so far has turned out to be worse than ENR .. esp via Chigwell

  • I really want to ride this but I'm doing 120 miles solo :*( the day before and will be staying at my parents afterwards which is on the wrong side of London. Will make a last minute in if I up for it but for now consider me out.

  • I do virtually the same route as the return bit shown above between Woodford and Bournebridge, except I tend to use on Bournebridge lane rather than Hook lane. It still has plenty of duff surface, but I find it more pleasant traffic wise.

  • Me plus at least two others are in for this.

  • In Sardinia until Sunday evening. 35º! Enjoy your pedalling, I'll be getting fat and trying to lose my glove tanlines.

  • 'get fat'?


    This looks like it's going to be a good turn out, wish I wasn't stuck up north now! =(

  • Haven't had time to make energy bars. Will see you all Sunday.

  • Do we have a new gpx? Or just the one above.

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LFGSS.CC Summer (Training) Ride #3- De mythische Blue Ei

Posted by Avatar for eyebrows @eyebrows