Hard Day in January '23

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  • My content not nearly as good:

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  • Unreal day out. Thank you all, but particularly YAL for putting it together, blinder of a route.

    Freezing fog will hence forth trigger harrowing 'Nam style flashbacks.

  • Thanks @youramericanlover for organising and everyone for having us along for some of the route today. Bloody freezing but thoroughly enjoyed. You're all effing superstars!

    Just trying to figure out how to upload video files (if possible?) and will share our meeds ASAP!

  • @falconvitesse

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  • So nice to finally make it, and to the finish. And to meet all those new faces and strong legs.
    Well done @youramericanlover and Thks for allowing the content to happen.
    How it felt like

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  • @Glws dis u

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  • Due to sub zero weather, costal flooding, and in general this:

    A Hard Day in New England has been postponed.

  • I see a lot less snow, and no flooding…

  • Another absolutely excellent HDIJ edition, huge thanks to @youramericanlover and @clubman, who are the reason such a great group of riders come together to go for a ride all day in ice in January. It was at first icy without a cloud in the sky, then riding in an ice cloud for a few hours, then perfectly blue skies which was no warmer. I didn't need a change of clothes a the cafe, just more! Probably safe to say I suffered the least, thanks Albion! Suprised at the number of great pics of the day, fiddling with a phone with ice encrusted gloves isn't easy. I managed to take 4 photos on the ride:

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  • Chapeau!

  • Well done everyone, yesterday's weather was definitely against you.

  • Looks amazing. Well done you lot. I was there in spirit

  • Great day out thanks @clubman and @youramericanlover for everything. Also everyone else for a welcoming atmosphere and a good pace! My phone died - I’m guessing because it was -2/3? Anyway a few photos attached. HDIP was mentioned a few times??? Would be keen!!

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  • Well done everyone that managed it.

    I should have had a shot at it last weekend, the weather was much nicer.

    I did get out this morning but driving wind and rain meant that I was very quickly pretty miserable. I cut my route short and while a fresh pair of gloves at the far end turning point of my route made me consider doing more miles, I'm glad I wimped out and headed home as I was soaked and freezing cold again by the time I got back.

    Definitely short on the mileage, definitely felt the #hdij vibes though.

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  • Good work everyone, roads around here are properly shit and with that ice, S Oxon is where bikes go to die
    As this morning’s walk near the route demonstrates…

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  • Your face in that second picture means I now know exactly what the weather felt like.

  • HDIP was mentioned a few times

    Did we say mid-March? Promised Josh I'd pester @youramericanlover about it.

  • Yeh think so? Let’s get it in the calendar!

  • Some great c o n t e n t generation going on here. Obviously in for HDIP

  • Thanks again @youramericanlover for organising and @clubman for the inspiration another amazing day in the saddle.

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  • Think I've just about recovered/thawed out and the memories of the type 2 fun have started to fade. Thanks everyone for making it consistently one of the best rides of the year.

  • So, day late and all that but I got in a 100k today. Had to reroute a bunch of it, some of the lower lying dirt roads and paths are still flooded. That meant cutting out the brewery stop in the middle.

    Took just under 4.5 hours. No pictures of the first 20ish miles. Then just over 10 miles on some double and single track. Almost lost it over that creek crossing in the last picture.

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Hard Day in January '23

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