Hard Day in January '23

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  • Good motivation to change this tyre then. Even cleaned my drive train last week. The things I do for you guys!

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  • "loads of life left"

    Also for a bit of hype:

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  • Shout out to whoever did the Beavis image many years ago at CyclePS (rip in peace), I have shamelessly repurposed

  • Would love to join this, looking forward to pics and tales. Hope the conditions are good

  • I'm gonna put my bike together tomorrow night. It's kind of a tradition for me now

  • I was still in school during peak fixie years so this will be my first spoke card. Stoked!

  • Looking forward to this - see you there !

  • Anyone else getting the train out and back from Waterloo or Clapham Junction want to get in on a groupsave ticket or are chances of getting split up too high?

  • It’s with a heavy heart that I’m having to bow out of this. I’ve got tooth infection and it’s left me feeling pretty low, so a long day in the cold isn’t a good idea.

    I’ll be thinking of you all on Saturday and wishing I was there. Ride safe and strong

  • @clubman I'll drop you a line soon and we'll chat this out. Some interesting ideas and I do think there is some will for a proper fixie crew

    Some things to think about

    I wasn't completely serious when I suggested calling the after ride beers the first committee meeting, but I've been thinking about itand I believe I can suggest a bare bones but workable formula for the HDiJ CC (It doesn't have to be called this -it's up to others to make suggestions)

    So I propose the HDiJ CC should be formed on 21st January 2023, with the following objects.

    1. To promote the Hard Day in January ride for as long as possible.

    2. To encourage the use of simple fixed and single freewheel bikes for medium and long distance rides.

    3. To organise at least one social event each year, which will include the presentation of any trophies the club offers.

    Some notes

    Let's hope other events may happen - for example YAL's autumn 'gearcheck'rides last year.

    Apart from the existing 'Hard Day' trophy, I would like to offer a 'Most Meritorious Long Distance' Trophy. This would be awarded for the best ride of the year as voted on by club members. It would make the social evening more of an event. If members do any racing this would give scope for other competitions or trophies.

    We have a ready made qualification for membership: to have completed at least one Hard Day ride. I feel this would give membership a bit of status and make it desirable.

    Initially there would be no need for any subscription since there would be no expenses. It's possible that could change in the future, but we'll deal with that if and when it becomes necessary.

    As I've said I have very limited energy, but if others think this idea has any merit I will undertake to be the secretary, but what I'm really offering here is simply to look up all the previous riders and invite them to be on the club's list. I hope to hand this job onto some one younger soon.

    These ideas should not be considered to be set in stone- they are just discussion points which I hope you will talk through on Saturday.

  • FYI I've updated the route - we'll now finish at the Swan. It's too cold to be messing around with venues in the even the brewery is closed, and it will help @clubman know where to set the car down.

    Looking very cold but dry and sunny so looking forward to it.

  • I know fig rolls are de rigueur but in the spirit of spreading a little home culture I'll have a few bocadillos with me. So hit me up early if you want one before I scoff 'em all.

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  • aw yis these things are amazing. I shall be requesting one.

  • can you share the final route pleeze

  • looking forward to seeing you lot tomorrow

  • Think YAL updated the link in the first post? RWGPS says that route was updated today so I'm taking that as latest/final.

  • Hoping for just the perfect level of hard for you all tomorrow

    @PhilDAS , build your bike

  • Enjoy tm peeps, haven't made it down again this year, but still optimistic I'll get out on this ride again in the future!

    I look forwards to the pre, during and post photos.

  • I still haven't left work yet this evening so I'm gonna be out in the morning sorry

  • I’m going to come over to cafe Nero to say hello and ride with you to Windsor. I’ll peel off at Eaton bridge or Dorney lake.

    @PhilDAS nooooo, was looking forward to meeting you!

  • Anyone wanting in on groupsave on the 7.50 from Waterloo?

  • I'm in on that. think YAL is too?

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Hard Day in January '23

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