Hard Day in January '23

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  • A return to some classic HDIJ roads for the 2023 edition. Once again we'll jump on the fixed / SS bikes and do a ~90 mile loop commemorating the ride @clubman did in 1959. The more years I do this ride the more I like it - January can be a nadir for fitness, mojo, and weather so sticking a date in the calender to ride together means it's something to look forward to and maybe do a ride or two in advance of. Hopefully I'll even have seen most of you on the Moderate Days earlier in the autumn.

    This is intended as a fixed gear / single-speed ride. Although there will be some climbing there is nothing too steep to cope with on a reasonable gear, say 67-75gi. The idea here is that it's a winter ride and so a fg/ss ride should make it hard enough to be worth getting out whilst still being fun.

    Start time and location

    Arrive at the Cafe Nero on the pedestrianised high street for pre ride coffee at 8:30, and then I suggest leaving at 9am. I suggest a quick safety check that all the riders know about group riding and the hand signals to be used on the day.

    The H-Cafe in Berinsfield. Everything you could possibly want in a cafe in winter except there is no indoor heating.

    Thameside Brewery, Staines. Looks friendly for bikes and beer.

    Route is below:

    1st ed
    2nd ed
    3rd ed
    4th ed
    5th ed and most meritorious rider
    6th ed and pictures from the most meritorious rider
    7th ed and most meritorious rider
    8th ed and most meritorious rider
    9th ed and most meritorious rider
    10th ed and most meritorious rider

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  • In pending travel arrangements.

  • If you need a place to crash overnight some kind soul might be able to offer you a bed.

    I will vouch for him

  • a cafe in winter except there is no indoor heating.

    I'm cold just thinking about it

  • I don't know if there are ok pubs in Staines

    Thames Side Brewery on the river front. The beer is excellent and there’s loads of space for bikes.

    The Swan Hotel on the opposite side of the river is also very nice for beer.

  • ‘Everything you could possibly want in a cafe in winter except there is no indoor heating.’
    I think we look for different things halfway round a January ride! Haha amazing, the cafe choice sums up the ride aim nicely

  • OK the cafe heating thing is a bit of a joke but it was pretty cold last time I was in there

  • Proper! In. Hoping/not hoping for those memorable 2018 just above freezing rainy conditions!
    @Po I have a mattress on the floor and am conveniently located relatively close to the dual carriageway for the grim ride out if that helps.

  • Thanks for the offer, would save me a very early start on the Saturday. I’ll let you know nearer the time. I can offer repayment by way of post ride recovery drinks :)

  • Cool, deal.
    Just saw the ride is nearly 100 miles. Probably get train beers instead of riding back.

  • I think I’ve got half a dozen riders to do ride in solidarity here in New England Jan 21rst. Barring snow it’ll be 50 miles at 60% dirt

  • I'm looking forward to and dreading this in about equal measure. The Moderate Day In October re-run threw my back out for about a week so can only wonder what this will do to me!

  • Too upright, you need to slam your stem more. Trust me

  • Moderate

    Also, do one. That was bloody tough lol

  • Also, do one. That was bloody tough lol

    I know, right?! I think it was the aptly named Pains Hill that almost broke me!

  • Dunno which one that was. Anyway next week we're going Woldingham Girls School climb for the Moderate Day in November. Feel #blessed we're not going Full Gangers up to the ridge :)

    Start stretching now @ElGonzo

  • I have primed them for this

  • Should be in for this. Train from Stroud gets into Staines at 08.28

  • What kinda pace is usual on these rides? Setting this ride as a bit of a goal to get fitter mind so pending those results, I shall say that I am, currently, in

  • 14/15 mph for next week or thereabouts

  • I stole the route today as it wanted a nice way to get out and see some autumn. Got the tube to Maidenhead and back from Reading. Route is GOOD. No silly hills, but enough to know you went over the Chilterns and back.
    Pics are not representative of what the ride should be, except maybe the foggy one (I have never seen any of these roads with sun on).

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  • Spoiler alert!

  • Looks delightful!

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Hard Day in January '23

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