HDIO re-run

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  • Elmers End, Beckenham BR3 3QZ
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  • @ElGonzo just making a thread for people who wont check the OG HDIJ thread.

    Add yourselves @Glws @PhilDAS @cagimaha @Chopsicle @pastry_bot.

    Same route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/40922543

  • Fixed or not fixed?

  • sadly cant make saturday now as dad is coming up. Will be doing with friday hopefully if anyones around then

  • I will ride a fixie. I think the spirit of these rides is fixie but I dont care, you will see me at the start and never again (I will be THAT slow).

  • also @Jameo

  • Yeah I'm in

  • I'm a maybe. it's half term now, even if the wheels get sorted it's up for negotiation

  • Come onnnn

  • family rail card is a big one, i never know when it's going to be pulled :)

  • Heya, sorry, been meaning to reply on the other thread. Would love to ride the route again, but away this weekend from Friday. @amey I have some HDJI (and LFGSS) top tube vinyls if I can get them to you for this ride?

  • excellent, will whatsapp u

  • I am in.
    Don’t have a fixie but definitely to get back riding

  • I am slightly concerned that the last hill I rode up fixed was Alexandra palace about 8 years ago and it was horrible but I'm sure I'll manage

  • Anyone want to meet at four boroughs for a coffee before hand?

  • lol just saw that its clackett, we can improvise if needed

  • nice one - am in Deptford Thurs 'til late, can leave in studio for Friday pickup, or some other deaddrop location you suggest!

  • So who's still in for this tomorrow? Had a look through the OG thread and this one (thanks for putting it up amey), think we've got:

    1) ElGonzo
    2) @PhilDAS
    3) @Cloak/Dagger
    4) @amey
    5) @WhitleyJay
    6 @Gaurav
    7 @Chalfie ?

    Anyone I've missed?

  • I’m unavailable tmrw but am interested in more. Sorry. #dadlyfe

  • So having just come out the other side of my third round of Covid I thought a very brief shakedown ride today would be a good idea.

    Not 300m out of the door, just as Vanbrugh Hill starts to kick up, I stood on the pedals and rear wheel slipped forward. Excellent start. User error though. Adjusted wheel, tightened nuts and rolled down to the bottom to start again. Turning, forgot about toe overlap, almost stacked it. Brilliant.

    Up the hill we go, no issues with the bike but quickly realise that my lungs are completely fucked. Just about made it to to the top, coughed up half a lung and rolled on to Greenwich park. Three little loops including going up and down the park hill then home back down Vanbrugh, which was sketch as I can't spin for shit. All bodes really well for tomorrow :/

  • FWIW I believe the route is "legit" @amey

    Sorry to hear about the lungs @ElGonzo

  • I am ending a rough week childcare wise and it feels like the kid has given me the bug, but I am riding, might be slow, only aim is to finish the ride, see you guys tomorrow! @Chopsicle sorry couldnt collect the stickers, one for the November ride.

  • I'm still planning on coming

  • Just to confirm, we are meeting at the start point as in the map right?

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HDIO re-run

Posted by Avatar for amey @amey