Bespoked 2022

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  • Lee Valley Velodrome
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  • Bespoked is returning to the Lee Valley Velodrome in October.

    Event website is here:

    Opening times are:

    1. Friday 14th October 1400-1800
    2. Saturday 15th October 1000-1800
    3. Sunday 16th October 1000-1600

  • I'm going Saturday, who's in?

  • Would like to attend at some point over the weekend.

    However, just been on the website, and not sure how I feel about this:

    Have unique, behind the scenes access, meet the builders and work with us to deliver an incredible show.
    While we can’t pay cash, you’ll have free access to the show all weekend, free refreshments and an exclusive limited edition Albion x Bespoked volunteer goody bag, along with entrance to our press party (food, beer and good times!) and experience of working with some of the best builders in the industry.
    You must be over 18 to volunteer for the show.
    We’re looking for help with three Volunteer roles over the weekend :

    Surely, it's a commercial enterprise, and on that basis people should be paid for working?

  • Surely, it's a commercial enterprise, and on that basis people should be paid for working?


  • this is run by that chap from Dear Susan with questionable history and (purely speculatively) may be just marketing for his friends/people who have paid him?!

  • We are going, I offered to volunteer but they took ages to come back so assumed they did not need me/anyone so made other plans for the rest of the weekend and then they came back! All very friendly but if you are expecting people to help for free you need to communicate. But I also agree, commercial event you should pay. It is like a bar asking a band to play for free for 'exposure'. Let us hope he (He is the Dear Susan guy) a success, anything bike cool gets my vote and good luck to all exhibitors. Looking forward to it.

  • I will be there for the Friday afternoon session.

    Bike is going on the Stayer stand.

  • Anyone have an idea how much tickets are? Pretty critical information that seems to be completely missing from their website and social media

  • Advanced tickets on the website were £21 something with booking fee. No idea how much they are on the door

  • I’m heading there soon. Any recommendations?

  • Is their a new zoa rainjacket on the albion stand?

  • Hurry up shuts a 4pm!! Just soak up the vibe.

  • Sturdy, obvs, and I really enjoyed chatting to the Festka guys about their stress testing. Theyve got their test model up with 60+ strain gauges glued to the frame. Asked them to show you their video on it!

    Oh and pretty cool additive manufacturing ("3D printed" titanium) stuff from Mythos.

  • Shame I didn’t bump into any of you there. I was running the 7Roads / Lazarus stand (two Ukrainian makers).

  • You bumped into me! I was asking you about Steve doing the clearcoat on your frame. Your bike was looking very sick.

  • Had a perfect view on your bikes the whole weekend from our booth and it was nice chatting too!

  • Any good write ups for this year? Usually see a few galleries etc, but nothing on the usual sites.

  • @oheyitsd @Brainfart_Industries Nice, thanks! Good to meet you both!

  • Seen a few writeups linked on the Bespoked instagram...

  • Some pictures in form of a video from the event

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Bespoked 2022

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