Ingatestone (the one without any hills)

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  • Ingatestone
  • Flat and warm, just like beer should be.

    Liverpool Street 19:18 arrives Ingatestone 19:45

    Return trains 22:02, 22:32, and last chance 23:02.

    The route:

  • Train out

    1. Anyone?

    Ride out

    1. rhowe
  • it's been a minute.

    Train out


    Ride out

    1. rhowe
  • whoa

  • Train out:

    1. skive
    2. cagimaha

    Ride out:

    1. rhowe
  • Woohoo, summer!

    Train out:

    1. skive
    2. cagimaha
    3. ruserius

    Ride out:

    1. rhowe
  • Woohoo, summer!

    Get it before it's gone!

  • i've not done a proper cycle in a long while, looking forward to this.

    on gears, hope you don't mind.

  • I got away with it in Welwyn. I think you'll be fine.

  • Girlfriend has covid so I'm now out sorry.

  • Sorry to hear that @cagimaha..

    I’m in, but am running late. If I’m not at ingatestone station please set off because I’ll be rolling back that way so will bump into you..

  • Tonight will not be vegan I'm afraid. Pretty sure I doubled my protein for the day on the ride out

  • thanks for that gentlemen.

    a real tough finish for me but considering all pleased with what i got out.

    appreciate the navigation, conversation and the pint i didn't drink.

    i'll try to make some more.


  • What a stunner of an evening. Lazy heat in the big ring. Welcome back to the fold @skive

    Looks like we did the first half at almost 20mph 😬

  • nice and gentle warm up pace. 😳😎🤮

    all of us straight into the top 4 of the strava segment...

  • Smoothest 38 miles of road in the country was just one of the many elements making that ride so pleasurable!

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  • Not jealous. Not one bit.

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Ingatestone (the one without any hills)

Posted by Avatar for rhowe @rhowe