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  • I haven't spoken to anyone who seemed interested in doing this but I want to so I'm putting it out there. I've never been to the Brecon Beacons and the Devil's Elbow, Gospel Pass and pretty much all the lanes look great. I couldn't work out a way to do the those climbs from the proper direction without making it tip above 100 miles so I think this might need to finish with an overnight stay in Abergavenny - which tbh could be great fun anyway. While this loop is longer and has more climbing than the last Hard Day in the Peaks, there is on average less climbing per mile so should technically be easier! So who's keen? There are trains that get into Abergavenny for 9:30 so we could roll out pretty much on time but it would be a good idea to have lights with us even though the days are getting longer. I'm thinking mid-summer June / July. If people are desperate to bring gears we can chat this through, too.

    I do also have a slightly longer option which tips it above 200km, so if there are audaxer's out there who are interested in some AUK (and definitely some AAA!) point we could organise it as a group DIY, only another 17 miles or so.

  • Beautiful part of the world. Date depending, I could be keen. Happy fixed or geared

  • Could be keen if it doesn’t clash with audaxing

  • If the date works I'd be up for the DIY, geared for me though.

  • 2 / 3 July? Thrasher if we do the 200km DIY it wouldn't clash with audaxing as it would be audaxing! This is what I had in mind for the 200km. Both routes the first 25 miles look hard but evens out in the middle kinda

  • I rode a bunch round here when I lived in the uk, jesus its a decade ago now. Such a great place to ride. Some tough climbs fixed though!

  • I have a thing on the 3rd nearby (ish) in Malvern. If the ride was on the 2nd, I’d definitely be in.

  • Ok cool, I've move the date to the 2nd and we'll see who gathers around, I think that might work for me as well

  • Keen, though I'm supposed to be in the Lakes on the 2nd. Will keep an eye on the thread.

  • Great idea! I'm very interested, could fit into my plans for rides ok. Will try be more certain soon.

  • 2nd should be ok for me, need to check with girlfriend that I'm not supposed to be somewhere else that I've completed forgotten about.

  • OK great, I have 2nd booked out as well so that is the date settled and looking stay overnight so those that are keen to get it booked let's start chatting logistics

  • I did half of this route last year as a graaaaaval ride, will be stupendous

  • If you can go up a little further on the A470 and take this little road over the top of Penderyn the views down the valley and the wild horses make it worth while (there’s also often an ice cream van up there).

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  • Those are convincing photos to inspire a slight detour! But you say little road -do you mean the A4059 and then a right onto the A470? Road looks ok but am trying to avoid A roads if at all poss

  • I’m about to book the Friday and Monday off to make this a long weekend, as it happens to be my birthday too, so why not?

    A couple of questions. Dan, you mentioned staying over. Do you mean the Saturday night?
    Also, any more thoughts on fixed or gears? My preference would be gears to be honest. I’ve not done a 200k fixed before and there’s a lot of descending to do here, so feeling slightly anxious. Not a deal breaker though.

  • Glorious photos

  • Yeah I think staying over the Saturday night, I don't think there's any way I'd be able to get around either route and make the last train home. @TTM (and others) where are you staying? Atm I think the premier inn or whatever had space, and was right next to the McDonalds :)

    So I kind of drew up the 200km as an olive branch to the audaxers, but the bloody thing is already pretty long and hilly. Votes for either one?

    As for fixed / geared I like the idea of doing it fixed. I did 10k ft fixed a few weeks ago but that was over a significantly longer distance. I certainly won't hold anyone else to riding fixed, but everyone else is geared is it gonna cause problems if I'm the only one? Don't want to hold up the group. I do actually have a geared bike I love as well does need a little TLC atm though

  • I’ll be based in Cheltenham with the family and plan to drive over for the start on Saturday morning. After that I’ll need to work out, as it would be lovely to have beers etc post ride, but need to get family from Cheltenham to Malvern on the Sunday. So some logistics to work out

  • Ok I've got permission for this, so count me in. Premier Inn or whatever sounds good to me. I hate mega early starts so if rooms are cheap enough and someone wants to join, could drive over on Friday after work. Won't drive there solo though, will lump the early train on Saturday.

    Don't know the area/routes so hard to cast a vote, but I'd favour pretty/scenic over the arbitrary 200k distance for Audax purposes.

    I don't think you being fixed is going to be an issue, you could be on a unicycle and you'll still be dropping me all over the place regardless of whatever bike I'm on if HDiJ is any indication, so I'm the one that has to worry about being a liability!

  • Yep, sorry I thought you were coming up from the south through Penderyn and on to Ystradfellte. The A470 can be a pain mainly from the "Valleys Commandos" motorbike gangs depending on what time you hit it, but it's often used by larger groups of the cycling clubs. The lower road on the map will be quieter and there are plenty of views around the loop to make up for it.

  • After a long fixed ride this weekend I've decided I'd like to enjoy riding up these hills instead of desperately grinding at 25rpm so I'll be going geared too. Gospel Pass does look perfect for fixie though, but maybe another time.

    I'll wait a few more days and then those who are committed will get a PM and we can arrange accommodation.

    Is everyone OK with a 9:30 start? Might make for a long day but that's the arrival time of earliest train from London.

  • I'll be going geared


    I might need a 2nd cup of coffee this morning

  • You saw what I did yesterday! My legs are tired! I deserve to be able to coast once in while

  • I missed your post further up re accommodation and have actually just booked a room at the Premier Inn for the Saturday night.

    9:30 start is perfect

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Brecon Beacons Deluxe

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