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  • It's been a while and I wasn't really sure if I'd ever do this again, but thought I'd see if anyone was still interested in following the 'strange tall man' around in the woods

    I don't currently have London accommodation to base several rides from, so will travel down from Norwich for the day and see how that goes. For one single day, you have the opportunity to ride really slowly, eat lots of cake and not be entirely lost ( most of the time ) in Epping Forest

    It'd be good to see some familiar faces that I've not seen for a while, and of course, some new faces, as introducing new people to not quite riding into trees has always been my favourite bit about the badger rides

    You don't need to be super fit, or have a fancy mountain bike to come along and have some fun, but any questions about what's involved or expected, then feel free to ask here, or pm me if you're a bit shy


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  • I'll come on the gravel R I G

  • He would be wise to not ride immediately in front or behind of me anyway, just in case

  • Never too early to start a list

    2-Alright, PhilDAS

  • I’m in

  • If I can find my bike

  • It's under your unfeasibly large collection of DIY related stuff

  • Weekend after a 1400k in Italian mountains so the cake aspect appeals but just how slow is slow? I am just in the process of changing the GrInbred to 32x22T which means a max speed of 3kph @ 199rpm...

  • Always noob friendly

    The noobier the better

    I think I'm the only one who's ever had to cut a ride short due to being worn out

  • I can stay in my 16" gear all the way round if that helps

  • Actually, I'd still need to get 'east'. That's probably more of an epic journey than the ride itself.

  • I'll have a 25 min bike ride to Norwich station, followed by 2.5 hours on a train, if that makes it seem better :-)

  • vs. my ~38"? That seems reasonable. I am just as capable of crashing at slow speed as high so still ample opportunity for muddy shenanigans. Nothing that can't be washed off with tears and cheap lager though.

  • I think @Howard has to travel from somewhere in the west country now

  • Googling "Chingford"...

  • It's 2h20 to get there on District/Overground lines (if you can even take a bike on those) from my place. It'd be quicker to post the bike to Chingford and walk there.

    I might kill myself if I have to ride it across London at 12kph max.

  • You can get an overground with bike from somewhere west to somewhere east

  • About an hour to drive it from Ealing

  • I hate cars, including the one I own.

  • Same tbh... but cake

  • Yeah, but if I can get the tube thing with bike there and back I can eat cake and read a book or something, rather than spend 180min of my life screaming at the pointlessness of automobiles and their occupants.

  • *lungs permitting

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Badgers Reloaded

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