Harder Day in the Peaks - 2022

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  • A hard day's riding in the Peak District. Fixed gear/single-speed.

    Route: tbc
    Date: tbc

    A link to the last edition:

  • I think late feb/early March makes sense for this again, don't want it to be dangerous up in the hills. I don't have anything booked in currently so am easy on dates.

  • Always look forward to this. Starting point for this year? Personally I thought Sheffield was better than Macclesfield, both from a post-ride drinks perspective and the inevitable 5km descent back into the city.

  • Why not...

    Easy on the start.

  • Both seem to be equally a ballache for me but Sheffield is marginally better. Either way, in!
    Early March would be good as late April / May I have some shit booked in already. Shall we just pick a date in March and let people gather around it? 5th?

  • Happy to pencil in the 5th yeah, and open to starting wherever really. Wouldn't mind starting in the east for a change of scene.

  • but Sheffield is marginally better.

    Yeah, a couple hours on the train and quicker to the Peaks.

  • Lovely views looking back as you walk up!

  • Did they pave it just to take the record?

    If so, I heart whoever is in charge of their tarmac crews :)

  • Just gonna leave this here...

    No captioning so they can fuck right off >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • I have captions on it?

  • The video? it doesn't, it's just auto generated, GCN choose to no longer be accessible after years of having it.

  • I didn't see they were auto generated, just that they were on screen.

  • Did they pave it just to take the record?

    A local told us it was the result of a single local resident complaining about the old surface and exploiting a legal loophole to force the council to surface it. Everyone else thinks it is bonkers idea apparently.

  • It’s way more dangerous now than when it was a rough track. Slippy, bikes would go too fast down it. Mad.
    5th March and Sheffield work for me though I might not have a Ss at that point, but a long ride before mtb racing at end of March would be ideal

  • bikes would go too fast down it

    I wouldn't dare try down it!

  • I don’t own a fixed gear anymore on the fairly strident advice of a physio, but I do live in Sheffield so registering my interest in the bit involving the pub.

    Would be up for tagging along for some / all of the ride but totally understand if you want to keep it a fixed affair.

  • First draft? I'm not a Peaks pro but this is a good starting point for ideas:

  • Down Winnats? Did you not fancy the broken road again?

    @Eejit definitely welcome. You might me on the receiving end of a few envious looks by the finish!

  • I’m also Sheffield based and hoping to join, also on a geared bike though. I attended the 2019 edition but have since sold the bike I used for it!

    Proposed route looks decent. Going down Winnats on fixed is quite unpleasant, but Bamford Clough would be even worse!

  • That covers all the classic roads in that area and a lot of the quiet back roads I’d use myself like the quarry loop near castleton, the road past the gliders near Hucklow.
    No idea how you’re all going to ride that fixed but bravo

  • Ah the Sciatica corner, much fun on a track bike.

    Great view tho.

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  • I’m also Sheffield based and hoping to join, also on a geared bike though

    My girlfriend’s brother will also be on his winter geared bike, it’ll be fine.

  • So for a laugh I did make the route go up the Clough at Bamford. It looks like it's a short walk to the top OR those who don't give a shit about it can swing a left after the Yorkshire Bridge Inn and we'll regroup at the top.

    @Po Maybe Broken Road descent would be more fun (and certainly more scenic). I'll change that.

    Other question was around this bit. Last time I went through there it was deserted and beautiful and winding, properly quiet. This time I've chosen lanes I don't really know. Anyone know which the best lanes are? These looked like fun new ones to me

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Harder Day in the Peaks - 2022

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