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  • Nltcbmbc - you guys rock.

    There is one very happy ministoker here today!

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  • What’s the new date? Fancy editing the thread title?

  • I need to finalise some bits. Should hopefully be ready to relaunch this weekend.

  • Oh, so sorry, for some reason I thought there was a date already finalised in your email to competitors. Apols

  • I've just emailed all riders and reopened entries with the new date. 13th March.

    Hopefully everyone already signed up can still make it and we have space for more sign ups now if people are interested.

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  • Just a heads up that I haven’t received an email - although I did receive the previous emails.

    Looking forward to the new date!

    Edit: Email has come through now

  • Nice work, Rob, let's hope it happens this time! Diaried.

  • Yayyyyyy

  • This weekend! Got a couple of spots left in tracklocross and some more in the single speed category. More importantly it would be great to see some friendly forum faces down at Herne Hill.

    Come and cheer on/heckle/hand up 🍻

  • Are the start times still the same?

  • Yes. Sign on from 11am first race at midday.

  • Looking forward to seeing some friendly faces for this!

  • I just had a browse of these magnificent non-binary intersectional shenanigans as I could not stay for the entire event today, and it was good to see some familiar faces such as @OneLessCardigan @Cazakstan @dicki, plus to have a real-time analogue worldly chat with @Oliver_Schick

  • Great atmosphere and mad bike skills at herne hill today
    Well done to everyone involved
    Peace and love

  • Great day out. Thanks for all the organisation

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  • excellent day out today, the variety of bikes on display both on and off track was great, old school mtb's and tourers to brand new framebuilders and everything in between, lovely selection of unique and individual bikes.
    nice to see some people i've not seen in a while too !

    NLTCBMBC events are always top notch. 5/7 would visit the big puddle again

  • Had the best day today. make the puddle bigger next time <3

  • It was SO GOOD to see lots of people today even if I wasn't able to chat it was nice to smile and wave!

  • Thanks to everyone at NLTCBMBC for putting on a great event. Again.

    Enjoyed watching the Fun race, especially @doubleodavey and one of his twins and the tall bike, and then had a blast in the singlespeed race. After watching the final race of the day, I decided I need a tracklocross bike next.

    Good to see so many forumers too.

  • We really enjoyed it, thanks to everyone involved. We had to shoot off to an 85th birthday party so didn't get to watch the non fun bikes.

    I have learnt that I need some more grip, that we are quicker running, and that my stoker has a good engine on him.

    40% of our house will sleep well tonight

  • Lovely event and great to catch up with @KatBalou, @OneLessCardigan, @dicki, @Crop, @Ruserius, @andyp, @JAH_tim, @tbc, and @torker, and to briefly see @Cazakstan, @dimi3, and @Scoot.

    Get better soon, Rob!

    Well done to the club.

  • Ah man. I’m gutted to miss you all today, but it sounds like everyone who was there loved it and all the NLTC teamies did a great job as always.

    I’ll put myself into isolation a week before the next race.

  • Well, the one fly in the ointment was no Skully on his Pedersen. Then again, having seen the course, it really wouldn't have been a good idea to take that round. :)

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*RESCHEDULED* ThunderCross 3 - Tracklocross, Single Speed Cross and Fun bike race @ Herne Hill Velodrome

Posted by Avatar for roboto @roboto