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  • will also be there to hurling abuse at strangers.

  • Come on sign up you lot. Benson ride your BMX dude

  • I was just thinking that if I can sort my race bmx in time then I'd use that. Not sure I can handle another CX race on a bike with no brakes that coasts forwards and backwards 😵

  • @roboto is the 11am start on the event the actual start time?

  • We have Herne hill booked between 11am and 5pm. Racing will likely be from midday, but we need to do a course recce and arrange race schedule before confirming

  • Bit scared of this now.

  • My tandem's not back from being fixed yet, so I might be ducking out. Which makes me a bit less scared

  • ^ gaaah I was banking on you to be slow too.

  • Looks like fun, will try and make it down to watch

  • what do you think the chances are ill get away with running spd-sl's? struggling to source mtb cleats and shoes for a good price in time for the race.

  • Depends on the course, but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t include at least one obstacle that requires you to dismount and run.

  • I'm using flats and walking shoes

  • It’ll be fun.

  • Hah thanks for encouragement Andy

  • There’s a course recce tomorrow. Will hopefully have some layout details ready to post by Thursday.

    Looking forward to a lot of muddy fun.

    There will likely be obstacles that require dismounting so please be aware that if you’re riding brakeless tracklocross then you’ll need to be able to clip in properly with muddy cleats or use flats and straps/toe clips.

  • Obstacles, oh god.

  • Now postponed.

    Maybe a chance to actually try riding the bike a bit more off road before racing.

  • Sorry. Trying to get all channels up to date with this.

    Unfortunately we’ve had to postpone it due to the current wave of Covid cases and the amount of people testing positive or coming into contact with people who have tested positive.

    Hopefully people will understand the decision wasn’t taken lightly and we will have a new date ready to announce soon.

    If anyone has any questions about this or their entry to the race please email me at info@nltcbmbc.com

    Stay safe!

  • Shame, but obviously the right decision. Looking forward to when it happens!

  • Sad, but completely understandable, news. It was a tough decision to make I'm sure, but the right one.

  • going to still get drunk and hurl abuse at strangers. Just abit more socially distanced.

  • That's the spirit!

  • My stoker's eyes welled up when I told him.

    Looking forward to the rescheduled one though and we can have a practice in the meantime

  • Awwww that's cool! Obvs but sad for them right now

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*RESCHEDULED* ThunderCross 3 - Tracklocross, Single Speed Cross and Fun bike race @ Herne Hill Velodrome

Posted by Avatar for roboto @roboto