Albion Winter Popup 2nd, 3rd, 4th Dec

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  • You're very good for remembering me, thank you for the suggestion - have just booked a class for the new year.

  • Unfortunately not still in textiles. I work in the Aerospace sector now. The company made poor investment in a packaging company, which didn't work out and ultimately led to the closure of the factory. We wove the fabric and then dyed and finished it all in the same factory. It was a real shame when it closed and I think I would have still been there now.
    We definitely did work for Rab. I remember each batch we dyed had the customer on the job sheet that followed the it throughout the factory. We did W.L. Gore, Montane, Buffalo, Snugpak, North Face and plenty more.
    We also did parachute material for the MOD and leisure sector.
    We tried everything to get a new buyer, but ended up selling all the machinery abroad and Mitsui of Japan bought the Pertex brand.

  • I have a Rab down jacket from around 94-95 Sheffield made with pertex outer.
    It was £150 then so not an insignificant purchase in todays money.
    Wish I could somehow have it remade into a body warmer and recycle the down.
    Can’t bring myself to throw it away.

  • whats wrong with it?

  • We used to make 10,000m rolls of fabric, which would then be slit down for typewriter ribbon.
    Then someone had the idea of dyeing the fabric, adding a water repellent finish and then running the fabric between two massive heated rollers to close up the fabric and make it windproof. That's how Pertex started!
    It was in the last few years before it shut when they were developing the lighter weight fabrics like Quantum. These were dyed on a beam rather than a jig so as to avoid damage to the quite delicate fabric.

  • This is a beam dyer that the Quantum would be dyed on.

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  • needs a proper clean, used to send it back to a place in sheffield when i wore it, and the down has migrated or flattened from one side of the back from years of walking around with a shoulder bag on that side.

  • ah, I recently sent almost 10 year old jacket for a repair, they do an amazing job

    they offer wash/clean too­ing-repair

    I recently bought a heavily used RAB down jacket too, washed in nikwax down wash today and light tumble dry as per their instructions and it seems have held its shape really well.

    @cake pointed me to the tennis ball method:­ink-fluff (or dryer balls)

  • @Brain-Stew sorry I wasn’t able to add the pocket on Friday, definitely the right thing to take time and do it properly.
    Let me know how you’re fixed - I can send to you, or you’re welcome to drop in when you’re passing. @GoatandTricycle could do something similar to yours if you’d like?

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  • Massive thanks for all your work customising those jerseys and caps @Chopsicle . They look amazing and it was great to meet you and the team. Very inspired by the stuff you’re doing and the thought that’s going into it.

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  • Wow that looks just the ticket, thank you so much G! Will drop you a PM to see if there's a good time I can pop down to collect

  • Really sorry for delay replying - been a lot of catching up from the weekend,

    .....I had no idea it started out as ribbon manufacture - I guess this is where finer, durable weave tech would have been required, and perfecting moisture transfer/absorbency in type-writer inks.

    Mitsui merging with Nippon Steel to make MN Inter-Fashion on Jan 1st.

  • thanks for coming down, and hope your brothers like the kit! Thanks for the copy of North Riding, work of art, really love to get out there in the spring!

  • Picked up my modified jersey this morning and couldn't be happier - thanks so much @Chopsicle!

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  • Awesome - cheers for dropping by and posting the photos. I put a box pleat in the base, so shouldn't distort as much when packed, and you still have usage of the two zipped side pockets.

    Hope to do more of this - repairs, upgrades, enhancements, hacks, whatever comes through the door - in the spring!

  • .

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  • Have you seen these men?

  • Amazing work @amey love it - sorry we didn’t crack a smile between us! Long couple of days

  • Have you seen these men?

    Last seen ditched from Shackletons South pole selection!

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Albion Winter Popup 2nd, 3rd, 4th Dec

Posted by Avatar for Chopsicle @Chopsicle