Albion Winter Popup 2nd, 3rd, 4th Dec

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  • Creekside Deptford SE8
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  • ....Well, two years have passed since we last held an event, so I'm super pleased we're able to welcome people to the new studio location for a weekender, inc Friday evening late for forummers.

    • Premiere of our new film ‘Dolgoch’ (Thurs evening)
    • Walk-in free repairs (Friday all day) on any brand cycle clothing
    • Make your own Ultralight Musette in 30 minutes! (Saturday all day)
    • Morning social group ride (Sat morning)
    • Albion x Pertex Zoa system exhibition
    • Full Albion A/W21 All Road and Zoa ranges available to try on / purchase
    • In-store customisations and exclusive product available all weekend
    • Secure indoor bike parking available

    Unit A01 Fuel Tank
    SE8 4SA

    Opening times:
    Thurs 7pm - late
    Fri 10am - 6pm. 6pm+ LFGSS Evening - will post more details in a tick
    Sat 10am - 6pm

    We'll have coffee, beer, music, films; all welcome in Deptford!

  • LFGSS Customisation Evening, Friday 3rd Dec 18.00+ but turn up anytime, we'll be doing custom/repairs/reflective workshop all day.

    • We're able to create custom reflective graphics, which can be applied to any kit (apart from Shakedry) using a heatpress.
    • These are industrial standard reflective films and fix permanently, although will be less durable on stretchy bibs/tights.
    • I've mocked up LFGSS in gold, dark grey reflective and glow-in-the-dark, but open to all/any suggestions
    • I'll make up graphics before the weekend kicks off, so! If you have any requests, pop 'em below and we'll see what we can do!
    • Ideas; if you and your riding group would like to customise a base jersey, make a one-off for an xmas gift, add more reflective to existing kit, then this is for you.

    Will all be free, but donations welcome - I'm just waiting 100% confirmation where it's headed.

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  • And some more examples of the reflective transfer process here­orest-gran-ffondo/

    Colours; Silver, Dark Grey, Gold (it's a nice almost olive tone), White, Red, Blue, Orange and glow (non-reflective). The White, Red, Blue and Orange are least reflective. Requests for any other colours? Get them in early and I'll see what I can do.

    These graphics were icons from the Spirit Cymru project, which you can see going onto jerseys and accessories. We can apply to any kit, any brand, all welcome :) But to set expectation; 3D shapes can be tricky, (ie luggage, or winter hats) but not impossible, and cap peaks sometimes warp the peak stiffener, depending what they're made from.

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  • Will try and head down on the Saturday with jnr.

  • Walk-in free repairs (Friday all day) on any brand cycle clothing

    Good offer.

  • This all sounds awesome!
    Reflectivity wise. I’d like to turn my Rapha pro team insulated gilet closer to a Brevet.
    Is this possible with the fabrics involved?
    Also with jersey’s are any types better than others?
    Lastly does this adhere to other gore tex fabrics?

  • This sounds so good. Would love to pop down and get a couple of jerseys bought for the team who worked on North Riding magazine with our logos applied. I’ve attached them below if you’d be up for mocking them up - thanks in advance.

    Your team at Albion were kind enough to let us use the North York Moors photos from your coast to coast with Gus Morton: definitely think we owe you the price of a few jerseys! Looking forward to popping down.

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  • Is this possible with the fabrics involved?

    And apply reflective stripes across the chest? Yes, don’t see why not; the Alpha insulation will compress a little, but will bounce back after a little use

    Also with jersey’s are any types better than others?

    Not really - high stretch fabrics and meshes/eyelets will be the least durable over time, but I’ve been really impressed with how firm it sticks

    Lastly does this adhere to other gore tex fabrics?

    And yes! Rain jackets and any other DWR’d fabrics have been fine. I did do a Shakedry but it peeled off after a few weeks

    Be great to see you and tweak some kit

  • @jackandtay great - yes, can do! I’m out and about today, but I’ll get back with some mock ups when I get a sec :)

  • And official flyer here - I'll post an image version when I get it.­

  • Don't suppose you have this as a vector file at all - .svg .ai ? No worries if not, I can make it work!

  • Any requests for additional artwork? Be neat to create something for the forum, an icon or motif. .....glow-in-the-dark shark pits anyone?

  • Thanks so much for doing them! Really sorry, don't have them as a .svg Would .eps any use?

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  • @Chopsicle I have the Rapha brevet insulated jacket which is a lovely bit of kit to ride in but I have a bugbear about the pockets. This thing:­nsulated-jacket/product/BIJ04XX

    As specced it has two zipped side pockets, which are next to useless for accessing when riding (esp with gloves). I think the idea is that if you want pockets then you should wear a conventional jersey underneath. However this makes it hard to get stuff out on the go, and means the things get pretty sweaty too. Also when it's cold enough for me to wear an insulated jacket, I'll generally want a long sleeve wicking layer underneath which then doesn't have its own pockets.

    So... do you think it's pragmatic to add a 'regular' pocket to the back of a jacket like this? Non-starter or something that could be hacked in the lab? I was wondering whether the material used for the musettes could be used? Don't know how elastic a pocket needs to have to stop it turning in to a parachute

  • ahhhh nice product :)

    Yes, pretty sure we can do; what colour is it? I've got some similar fabrics I can use, and if you're definitely coming down, I can prepare a pocket section with elasticated top, you can apply a reflective design (if you like) and we can apply in the studio.

    Pics below of something similar at the last workshop. The gilet had a large tear from a crash, which I was going to patch, but then realised it might be better as a patch & pocket. Was really nice solution for an otherwise damaged garment

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  • That is great

  • That looks like just what I'm after, thank you! It's the navy version that I have. Reflective would be a big bonus too

    Ideally I'd pop over on Friday afternoon if that works? c.2pm?

  • Ahhh @Brain-Stew did you pop in last Friday? Apologies if there were crossed wires - this Friday, 14.00 would be perfect. Should be quiet, and can spend a bit of time doing this,

    Reminder; Film screening this Thurs evening, and repairs, upgrades, enhancements from Friday morning onward. I'll have some pre-prepared reflectives on Thurs eve, so will be able to do basic stuff around the film screening,­nter-pop-up/

    Plus, someone request the ice-dye T's spotted at the Fforest event? I've been busy over the weekend :) Going to put one other small reflective detail on these for the popup

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  • And anyone requested graphics - I'll get to these tomorrow eve, I've not forgotten!

  • Damn, I want that tshirt. Not sure I can make it on friday, might try to make it over on saturday

  • Fear not, if you don't need anything else I can sort this.
    @Chopsicle are these on sale? I'd take one too.

  • I have a similar issue with the Brevet gilet in blue and no rear pocket!
    What do you think RAEflective for reflective artwork?

  • yes, and I have made up a bunch for the weekend, sizes from XS-XL. They're roughly same Left-to-Right design, dark navy>purple>pink>orange spectrum, but vary in intensity and randomness. I can always make more if there's more demand

    I also have a one-off, strictly-limited kitchen worktop with similar blotchy dye effect if anyone is interested before I sand it back?.....

  • and cool - I'll make up enough for x2. I think I should have something similar colourwise, black or a charcoal grey if not ....and over to you for designs! Could be dead simple blocks/stripes - I'll prep a bunch of these, and I'll do a press of the LFGSS ones when I get a chance, see what you think there. Limited by the boundaries of your imagination otherwise!...

  • That's great thanks. Are you taking donations for a charity with this?
    Is that a subtle no to Raeflective like Raemade?

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Albion Winter Popup 2nd, 3rd, 4th Dec

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