Hard Day in January '22

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  • Costa Coffee, Beckenham, London
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  • I’m excited for this. The route looks good, well done both.

    It’ll be important to keep an eye on overnight temps as the bottom of Beddlestead, the section before you hit the woods near the top of Chart Lane and the bottom of Toys are all prime ice spots. Hopefully it’ll be as mild as last time.

  • There are two sharp left hand bends, both at the bottom of short descents, on the road towards Bitchet Green (just after you've crossed the road that leads to the wonderful Carters Hill). They are usually awash with gravel, and the second is tighter than the first.

    Also, the descent into Ightham starts shallow, but gets steeper at the bottom, where there are also parked cars on the left hand side.

    Care advised!

  • I do have this pencilled in my diary (as I do every year!), but Covid has hit the house, plus I haven't ridden fixed for at least two and a half years.

  • Anyone is SE up for a shakedown ride this Saturday? Haven't ridden s/s in a while so pace will be pretty tame.

  • Weather is looking very promising for this.

  • anyone riding over from the east end to the start of this next Saturday early? I should be coming in from East Ham if anyone wants to meet up to find our way there together?

  • Could anyone advise on where to (car) park in Bromley on the day? Thanks

  • @Josh012 There is a car park at St Marks Square close to the station, and there is also an NCP car park just north of the station, so a few options. Dunno about the surrounding roads, I'm not really a car guy

  • @Josh012 and @Biggles567 if you’re still planning to ride the West route, I’m going to have to cancel.

    Edit: just seen above. Duh, read the thread Jonny.

  • Oh yes, we'll finish at the Railway Tavern just across the street from Bromley North. Route updated to reflect this.

  • Think I'll join. If there is a big turnout and we need to split into sub-groups then I'm putting my hand up already for the slow group! Always the option to bail for the nearest station if having a 'mare.

    Coming from Greenwich if anyone near wants to ride to Beckenham together.

  • Got...
    Replacement correctly torqued hollowtech II crankset.
    Shortlist of bail points.

    If I can get halfway around without ejecting a lung that will be great.

    cc. @Chopsicle @ElGonzo

  • Sunglasses

    Liking the optimism here

  • Heh. Well. Based upon my everything-gone-wrong ride out of two weekends ago on those same roads; the low winter sun + dazzling reflection on wet tarmac definitely added to the general 'meh' of the day.

  • taking myself out of the list as it looks like work is taking over that day, but just in case ... anybody with a spare pair of fixed wheels with braking surface at the front ?

  • Hoping to join this for a bit for a Somewhat Hard Morning in January, probably turning around somewhere after the M25.

  • Updated route sent to Garmin. New brake pads fitted. All ready to get my ass kicked by a hard day in January.

  • Updated route sent to Garmin

    I’m sure I’m missing something really obvious, but how did you get the route from RWGPS to Garmin?

  • having exactly the same issue. Can't export it as a full course, just a very basic file that doesn't show which roads etc take, turn alerts etc.

  • I’ll probably just map it myself. Happy to share the GPX once I have

  • exactly what I was thinking, but if you get the gpx done in the next few days do please share

  • nope, just get an error message when I try to import it to the Garmin Express App

  • I've redrawn the route. Hope that helps.


  • That's worked for me, thanks

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Hard Day in January '22

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