Hard Day in January '22

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  • Costa Coffee, Beckenham, London
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  • better get some miles in in preperation....

    If in SE, hit me up

  • Sorry to hear but kindly volunteering @Biggles567 and I to also run the route out west

  • Would like to join but have to get 15 miles in before 8am. I'll be fine though, I guess.

  • I have a 53cm -TT sweet fixie that someone could borrow for this if they are on the fence. Currently set up with stupid wide barz and pedal straps but could be converted to a suitable RoadMachine in not much time.

  • What’s the pace vibe going to be like? I’ve managed distance no worries on the fixed. But I ain’t going to pushing much past 13mph average 😬😬

  • WLT join from north London but would be KKSSHKKSSSHKSSSH singlespeeding it KSSSKHKSSSHKHSSS with a noisy KKSHSHKSSSHSKSSHS freehub.

  • I think the pace will be something around 15mph as it's quite hilly. Any slower really and I find the cold starts creeping in. HDIJ rides have had 2 (or even 3) groups in the past, so as always if there are enough riders with a likeminded pace they are welcome to form their own group. This goes for anyone who would like to haul ass off front as well. As we'll all be meeting in the same pub afterwards I don't mind, other than I do like riding with you lot so a good sized steady group would selfishly be nice for me.
    Self-sufficiency is key though, so whatever your group make up is you need to have the mechanical skills and routing abilities to get around.

    @vilms5000 SS is cool

  • This sounds perfect, yes I’ll make sure to have the route loaded up so can become a solo rider if needed!

  • Could be good to get a group heading down from North/East for a bit of motivation.

  • west north-west, west west, or north north-west ?

  • Yes! (whispers: was going to get the 07:58 from VIC to BKJ but can have my arm twisted on that?)

  • Would like to join this. Would probably be riding down from E5

  • Broke my wrist, got unfit, now time to do something silly like this.

  • I'll be going from proper East (Upton Park) if I'm going...

  • Yes Ed! Think last time we rode was Hillz, would be great to see you

  • lets roll from catford together, inchmerry at 7:45-ish?

  • I’ll join ya, I’ll be rolling from Peckham!

  • You mean Inchmery?

  • It will be a nice warm up :)

    @jeff80 Maybe we can agree a meeting point on the way for all the North/East people to rendezvous and head down together. Possibly somewhere near Shoreditch to head over London Bridge?

  • Sorry to hear but kindly volunteering @Biggles567 and I to also run the route out west

    Perfect. I’ll definitely come for the start and the pub afterwards. I’ll probably ride out with you for the first 15 miles or so which is fairly flat and then meet you back in Staines for the end. See how it goes nearer the time but I’m pretty sure I won’t be up for the full distance.

  • Also might be worth noting we really need decent lights especially in that part of the route where it get very dark by the thick trees.

  • sounds like a plan. Just need to figure out how I can get my Garmin to keep both the route to the start and the route of the ride on my Gramin, as it currently only lets me upload one route at a time.

  • In January?

  • Yeah lights are not a bad idea, especially if we leave the pub after the sun goes down.

    I've got a new bike so excited to take it through some of my previous stomping (well, gurning) grounds.

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Hard Day in January '22

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