Hard Day in January '22

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  • Costa Coffee, Beckenham, London
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  • Hard Day in January 2022

    Long couple of years eh. But I think we can go ahead and get this one in the diary. To commemorate @clubman 's 90 mile fixed wheel ride in January 1959 we're going to head out in January and do a proper fixed loop. This is the 10th and slightly delayed edition. It's going to be shorter this year, a slightly bumpy 65 instead of the rolling 90 we've done. I'm hoping this will get more people out because to be honest it's been a hard time, I've missed riding with you all, and this is a good excuse to get back together.

    This year it goes out via Featherbed and up to the ridge via Beddlestead, up and down Toys, have a lunch stop around Hever, and then return via Knatts Valley. A possible bonus stop at the Ide Hill cafe maybe. This is more likely if someone buys me a bottle of their cider.
    As usual fixed/ss only please. Mudguards appreciated but not necessary. Let's aim to do a tighter group riding style rather than splayed sportive, especially on the busier roads. See below for previous years winners and all sorts of chat.

    Costa Coffee Beckenham Junction. There is also a Greggs (aw yea) as well as a couple nice looking bakeries very close by. Eating from 8:30 or before, roll out at 9am.

    We'll finish for beers and drink etc at the Railway Tavern right across the street from Bromley North


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    5th ed and winners
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  • lots of opportunities to attack! (and then bonk)

  • Can thoroughly recommend The Tulip Tree in Chiddingstone.

  • Second that. Massive slabs of cake. Sack off the Porcupine Pantry.

  • Yes please. In

  • OK cool I'll take a look! Never stopped much around there, spent all my time bonk-swerving at the Ide Hill cafe and that's it

  • Your route plan literally goes past it. It's set back from the main road in a courtyard, plenty of room for bike parking.

  • Could be in if I can rebuild the CAAD in time

  • Would quite like to join but not sure I've got the legs for it... Have 3 months to change that I guess!

  • Quite up for this if I can borrow a sweet fixeh ( @Ecobeard ...)

  • I'm keen!

    Are brakeless bikes allowed on this ride? I still can put a brake if icy/snowy.

  • That can be arranged! The Flyer has done HDIJ once so it will guide you around.

    If (and its a big if) I can come down and do it I'll bring the Fastline

  • mercredi beaucoup!

  • mercredi......how could you

  • Good vibes only?

  • ........something like that

  • 10/10 exchange.

    No strathpuffer this year? HDIJ always seems to fall afoul of it.

    @Cloak/Dagger I'm gonna have to say please fit a brake regardless of the weather, cheers.

  • My 'puffer partner has inconsiderately scheduled a birth for January and oddly no one up here wants to repeat the experience, so my hattrick is on pause, which I'm not unhappy abut tbh

  • @Thuekr don't worry, you can ride whatever you want if you join us

  • oh yeah im super keen, missed so many of these, determined to make it this year

  • I'm also aiming to join the ride for the first time this year!

  • Putting in a potential on this, sounds fun!

  • I'm going to pull out despite eagerly suggesting I would lead out a Wests route. Injured my knee a couple of weeks ago and I don't think it'll be up for a tough ride like HDiJ.

  • Ah sorry to hear it! Hope you heal up sooner than you expect

  • going try and make this one all being well. Haven't rode much fixed this year, better get some miles in in preperation....

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Hard Day in January '22

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