London to Southend - 99% traffic-free

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  • London to Southend - 99% traffic-free

    London Fields at 08:30 - Leave around 09:00
    On the bit of pavement near C&M
    - Be ready to ride

    Check your bike, body and brain before coming on this ride - Will be a long day and we can't hang around

    Sweet, scenic, no-hills cruise to Southend
    An unusual way to the coast, great day out

    Cycle paths
    River paths

    100 KMs

    Where not cement, mostly impacted rock pavement, possibly grass..
    It can be bumpy and dusty in places
    Note: This isn't the most direct route and there maybe some short-cuts through fields.

    You'll need:
    28c tyres or greater
    Good gloves
    Maybe mudguard

    Might be a long day in the saddle - Quick but social pace - No crybabies - No crap equipment
    See notes at post 22..

  • Route finished, it's 100KM.

  • I'm pretty sure I'll be in for this one.

  • This sounds great, will be a good first lfgss ride to join!

  • Any pictures to get and idea of the surfaces?

  • I have no idea, surface of the moon?

  • I mean the terrain, ground or whatever is the right word for it.

  • Going to be bumpy.
    Paved > gravel > dirt track > maybe a field or two.
    Praying for no rain.

  • Riding an ESB with brakless and 35c's.

  • My bike doesn´t have clearance for more than 23c's. :( I´ve ridden through some canal paths and it was totally fine, though only for a a few km, not 100.

    Anyway, I´ll probably be in.

  • Recce'd out to Tilbury.

    There are some bumps and overgrown sections..

  • Reiterate - no crybabies..

  • Probably will do a full recce of this on Sunday afternoon.
    If anyone wants to come along get in touch.

  • I can feel the burn in my legs already!

  • Heading off-road to Southend tomorrow (if weather not too roasted) so drop me a pm if you want to come along.
    100km sometime after 11.

  • Nabil, Kris and I recce'd this today.

    Good, fun route (except for a hell-field of mud, which I will plan around).

    Should be an excellent ride.

    Not, not, not, 23c friendly.

  • Gears allowed on this? I don't have fg/ss anymore (other than a 36GI polo bike)

  • Sure.

  • See you there

  • 28 Gator Ultras do the job ok you think?

  • Nabil had 28s.
    I would suggest wearing gloves and having bike shorts on underneath your jeans.

  • Some notes from the scout-session:

    1. It is an easy, mostly flat 100KMs.
    2. Quite a few slow sections near the river due to path condition, width and dodgy blind-corners.
    3. Lots of constricting barriers to keep out motorbikes..
    4. There is a 4KM run across a tidal zone that may need to be routed around depending how high the river is.
    5. Also a 400M section of overgrown single-track down the edge of a farmer's field which might have to be walked.

    Other than those (and wishing it had been warmer) the ride was super and I look forward to doing it again. It is an extra 40-odd bumpy KMs compared to the usual Southend ride but it is made up for by some unique places and views.

  • For example:

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  • .

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  • wow!

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London to Southend - 99% traffic-free

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