Have the clocks changed? Time for Roydon then.

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  • But Mahagonny was good, nearly foiled by the west end power cuts.

  • Thanks everyone for another great ride. Good pace and great company. Had a bit of a spill on the way home from the station sadly. Aqua planed around a round-a-bout in walthamstow and hit the black top. Few bruises on several parts of the body but nothing serious. Hope everyone got home safe

  • Everybody will probably end up being lost in the middle of nowhere forever.

  • I agree. Mahagonny was brilliant. The staging was some of the best I've seen at ROH.

    I did miss the power of a full orchestra though.

  • Also, due to power failures there were no bar services. Perfect excise to smuggle Tesco tramp beers into our box. Happy days.

  • After a consultation with Dr Google, it seems likely that what happened to me last night was exercise-induced bronchoconstriction, brought about by inhalation of too much cold air. Off to to doc to get me a prescription for some short-acting β2-agonists.

    Thanks for helping me along after that everyone. It's pretty scary when you suddenly can't breathe!

  • Blimey, sounds terrifying. Hope you recover well.

  • you recovered well last night @Doctor_Cake. was a pleasure riding with you and @blowfish. and then of course the rest of the crew which were the same riders from the Surrey Season opener a couple of weeks back.

    great leading again @middleofnowhere . and good to see LFGSS CC get it's first race win in the colours. think i have a crappy picture from the pub at the end which show you and @rhowe in the jerseys.

    @clintsmoker. glad you are okay dude. as said by message last night. get a bit of rest over the easter break and let that footie injury and now ride related rippage heal up.

    really enjoying this WNKR stuff. group of 8 last night was perfect and harks back to the old days before the numbers made the rides a little harder to manage.

  • Glad it's nothing serious (assuming it's not serious?) any way to prevent it?

  • lfgss cc wnkrs

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  • Lovely riding with you too. And was a very nice first ride of the season, though I could have done without the puncture.. looking forward to the next one already =)

  • After you folks had scampered off to get the train we got chatting to the dude sat at the bar who suddenly announced... "as you all came through the door I thought it must be the Big Bearded Cycling Club!"

    Still, this is a marginal upgrade on the "Lonely Gay Bike Society" moniker previously bestowed upon us during a solstice ride pub stop - or, indeed, the "oh look, it's the CTC!" cry that rang out at the riverside on Katy's wild swimming jaunt.

  • Surely any official Big Bearded Cycling Club events would have to have a greater than 37.5% beard incidence level.

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Have the clocks changed? Time for Roydon then.

Posted by Avatar for WNKR @WNKR