Surrey season opener

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  • @Dumps was good to see you in dapper off bike attire. Looking forward to seeing you out on the blacktop one Wednesday.

    Had a good time, despite getting spat out the back as soon as the roads went uphill for more than a minute. Looking at my strava feed, my speed uphill is miserable. But felt strong on the flats and superb on the descents, despite the watery eyed blurred vision caused by my mahoosive speed through the curves.

    Roll on Roydon.

    @clintsmoker loved the train chat, always one of my favourite parts of any forum ride...

  • Slow ride into work, 2 cups of tea before 10 and so looking forward to a lunchtime snooze. You can't beat that Thursday feeling.

  • Looking at my strava feed, my speed uphill is miserable

    I think you can safely blame the terrible GPS coverage on this tree/cloud lined route for this ;-) It's consistently the 'slowest' ride of the year by far. Apparently I was travelling at 4mph on the fastest descent and was completely stationary for another couple of miles!

    The ride home was battle into the headwind, and made worse when I suddenly remembered I had stupidly agreed to do a conf call with a US based colleague @ 2am AND had a meeting booked for 9am. I managed the former - missed the latter by 2 hours...

    Anyway, an excellent start to the season. Thanks @clintsmoker, I owe you a beer - collection from Roydon..

    See y'all in two weeks.

  • Why am I not on the bedwetters list?

  • In other news 19th Jun is the Friday night for the Deluxe IMO, longest day is the Sunday and I think a Friday night gives you that after work edge without any problems.

    I'm happy to do IoW, London > Bath or whatever but put something up for maximum notice!

  • Currently halfway along the Vintage Jersey Ride Recce, feels often as if I'm riding through treacle? Lots of headwinds and pauses as I figure out exactly where I'm supposed to be going.
    Don't feel too bad most of the time, but now got the run back into town, hoping its all downhill.

    Also never believe @middleofnowhere when he says he's done nothing but his commute and feels a bit slow, he's still pinging off the front whenever it goes uphill, that must be a Quintana like commute into work of a morning...

  • Good use of chap-nav there. Keeping it analog.

  • I can attest he goes pretty fast.

  • Bikini Airlines Frequent Flyer please

  • great night in the lines with 5 compadres. been way too long since i hit those lanes at night - 2 years i reckon.

    great spinning with @middleofnowhere - loved seeing those legs flying on the final descent in to effingham. the ride was illuminated by the chat and good cheer of corndog and @clintsmoker and the quiet seemingly effortless miles churned out by @Rod_Munch and @rhowe

    was a real pleasure gents. see you in a couple of weeks i reckon

  • Commuting is training, or it's as close to training as I ever get. And anyway, training is tantamount to cheating, clearly an unfair advantage over the lazy.

    My strength has remained but stamina has taken a knock and I paid for the bravado on the early climbs later. @jonny left me for dead going up Ranmore and it was all I could do to stay on @rhowe 's wheel on the way back from Waterloo.

  • The only thing to hit is left hander barrier descending Whitedown.

  • Anybody have the Amersham ride as a gps route please?

  • Which bit do you want to ride again?

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  • Classic Ludwig route.

  • I'm just glad we weren't trying to stay on @Rod_Munch 's wheel

  • Dodge Helper.

  • If you want to try, have a few beers first.

  • I think I have successfully followed your route and transferred the route using
    File is on my gps, so let's see...

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Surrey season opener

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