London Bike Polo: Beginners tournament

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  • What on earth is this?
    The beginners of London Bike Polo (all people who started within the last year) are having a relaxed tournament. You're very welcome to come down and join in, or laugh at us and watch. It's the perfect event for a summer's day.

    OK but what is bike polo?
    Errr, probably easier just to show you. Watch this:

    Bike polo sounds a bit nuts. Is it fun?
    It is EXTREMELY fun! We promise. It's very easy to get hooked on it, it's brilliant. It's also very accessible and the community is great. You don't have to be an amazingly confident technical cyclist to enjoy bike polo.

    Do I have to have played before to have a go in this tournament?
    Not really - have a crack at it and see what you think! Some of the people in this tournament only started playing a couple of weeks ago.

    You might also be interested in coming to our newbie/beginners nights to get some practice. They're on Thursdays from 6pm at Newington Gardens, and everyone playing in this tournament goes to them too. The LFGSS Bike Polo sub-forum (which someone once described to me as the "here be dragons" uncharted territory of LFGSS, but I promise we're all very nice) is a little bit out of date just now, so either post in there or DM me if you're interested in coming along. We'd love to have you! Beginners nights are a supportive environment and all you need is your helmet (we can lend you a bike, or you can ride your own).

    To sign up for the tournament, grab two friends and add yourself to this list with a suitably silly team name, or put yourself down and say you're looking for team mates:­39/

    To come and watch, just turn up on the 10th with snacks and drinks. Newington Gardens is right between Elephant and Borough stations. See you then!

  • ////
    It's brilliant. Come on down. I can, so you should.

    Co-signed, Luce!
    What really ought to have been something I started playing well over a decade ago (whilst watching a tournament, I erroneously assessed it was too difficult), I've decided to take up as a brittle, curmudgeonly 35-year old.

    Yes; I'm covered in bruises that my SilverCupid dates think are hideous, but I'm having a great time. And, with the help of others - actually think I'm slowly getting better at something. For a man who believes he is both shit at everything and also cannot be told what to do; it's splicing through my atrocious personality.

    If you're in anyway polocurious or just want something free to do - come on down to this. It's like a very nice social occasion, with some sport thrown in. Welcoming crowd, welcoming sport, well come on then let's get a beer from the shop.

  • Love this! We’d love to see some new faces down!

  • This is such a great idea!!! It's exactly stuff like this that got me hooked on the sport for life. When I got taken along to my first tournament in Sydney it was to the next town over, I didn't really know what I was doing, but saw how excited a few friends were about it and decided to give it a go. It was so infectious, I ended up buying my first mallet, making loads of friends, and is the reason I'm still so enthused by it today! Super glad to see the same thing happening in London. Spread the love!!

  • Psyched! This time last year I was playing ping pong next door to a bike polo game and couldn't stop watching the game. I got invited over to have a go, swapped my ping-pong bat for a bike and mallet and got totally hooked. One year on, I'm still hooked.
    Come down, have a whack !

  • This looks class! Highly recommended if you haven’t played before - I’ve played with these guys in London having played years ago in Kent and it’s a great atmosphere, welcoming and no pressure to be a pro on your first day and you can borrow all the kit you need!

    If you decide to go, see you there!

  • Very sad to be missing this but I'll be with you in spirits! If you're on the fence you should definitely come down check it out. You don't really need to bring anything, someone will lend you a bike and a mallet. You might possibly end up addicted, so consider yourself warned.

  • Just a bump to say this is on tomorrow from 11! Spectators (or potential players) v welcome

  • *from midday, because lightly inclement weather

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London Bike Polo: Beginners tournament

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