Epping Forest: Episode III - Return of the Badgers

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  • Spring 2015: Coming to a forest ( possibly ) near you....

  • That should give you about 8-9 weeks to build some new wheels :-)

  • @3rdworldsuitcase @Chak @KRZ @Elra

    I think I told you guys I'd let you know when these were happening.

  • What's the deal? never did it before

  • oh geah! mud mud mud

  • What's the deal? never did it before

    It's basically getting away from the city for a few hours and messing about on bikes, away from the traffic. The terrain in Epping forest ranges from easy - moderately technical ( dependant on the weather ), so is suitable for both beginners and the seriously rad among us.

    As far as bikes go, it's rideable on most bikes. As long as you can fit knobbly tyres of around 32c or more and have working brakes, you're probably good to go. For anyone who fancies singlespeeding it, anything between 52 - 60gi will be ok, depending on your fitness.

    I like to think that those people who have become regulars on these rides are the least 'cliquey' bunch of people I've ever met, so noobs are positively encouraged to turn up for these rides. The pace is very much social and there's plenty of stops for chat, photos and cake.

  • I'll pop the usual links in here too.

    The rules

    Map link

    Bike hire

  • I mean I've been offroad, I just wondered if there was some quite of program. I'll bring my girlfriend since noobs are welcome! Looking forward to it :)

  • Will put my name down but May seems a long way off at the moment.

  • I'll check my rota...as always!
    I'll also try to get there on time .....I was ball bagged last time :0)

  • Friday night bump. Where are those badgers?

  • I think I would like to give it a go this year.

  • Yeah, that would be great, but not sure yet if I will be able to make this one.

  • I'll add in a few definite dates a bit closer to May, so if you're about, you should have a few different rides to choose from

    Will also do my best to protect you from the local plant-life ;-)

  • hahaha awesome!

  • Ok. Date in the diary. Should I make a will or book a hospital bed, just in case? :-)

  • Nah... only one casualty in the past two years* :-)

    *and he could injure himself in a room full of bubblewrap

  • OK. I'll relax now.

  • Howdy; I never do much on my Vitus Vee other than commuting/going out and about, nothing intense etc. I'm looking at taking it up a notch, would something like this be ideal to start with? I'm reasonably fit and all that but a definite noob as far as rides are concerned.


  • You'll be fine.

  • I've got the Dee 29 back in Ireland for taking over the mountains there and it's perfectly fine.

    I would advise you to consider a new tyre (at least for the front) if it came with Kenda Small Block 8's like mine did though! Epping tends to be relatively boggy in parts though I haven't been out there recently.

  • would something like this be ideal to start with?

    Absolutely! These rides are very 'noob-friendly' :-)

    Like @mmccarthy said, you might consider a different, more knobbly tyre up front, but it depends on how much the trails have dried out by May.

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Epping Forest: Episode III - Return of the Badgers

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