Leaving drinks!

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  • Just putting that in as I'll be leaving London for good on the 5th of July. Would be good to say goodbye and have one last pissup in a park :-)

    This will likely happen in Clissold Park as that's next to me and I probably won't have a bike with me anymore by that point.

    Meet here from 14:30 onwards. I'll post in this thread on the day if things change.

  • Where are you going?

  • Quel domage!
    I'm assuming my satnav can guide me that far East.

  • Paris for a start, then I'd like to go elsewhere in France whilst the pandemic is ongoing, and then Berlin.

  • Will be good to see you! I still have something for you actually.

  • Noooo, I'll be riding Prince Albert's Ring then :'-(

    Hopefully we can meet in future

    elsewhere in France

    Bonne chance!

  • I hope your departure isn’t another Brexit cost. Hope it all goes well.

  • another Brexit cost

    Add your name to the Brexshitting thread. :S

  • It did tip the scales towards leaving. Mostly I don't want to have to think about crossing international borders for the foreseeable.

  • I remember!
    Do I need a bike trailer, or, will it fit in a smallish rucksack?

  • I think a rucksack should be fine.

  • Yeeeess! To drinking with you in the park! Obviously NOOOOOOO to you leaving London!

  • Just as well, as I do not possess a bike trailer!

  • Only just spotted this thread. Where in Clissold Park? It's pretty big.

  • That's a good question. Let's say here for a start and I'll update this thread on the day if we end up somewhere else.

    I'm also gonna push back the start time to 14:30 as I'll be taking a covid test earlier in the morning.

  • @cgg
    Today's weather is less than encouraging.
    Can I suggest you leave the gift with a mutual acquaintance,
    if there is such an attendee?

  • I think it will be fine during the afternoon, but up to you of course. I’ll see if I can find an intermediary if you can’t make it.

  • Still up for it ! 2-3pm at the park sounds good and we can move somewhere else

  • Blimey, the forecast certainly looks rather inclément. I'll bring a large umbrella. I can fully understand that mespilus doesn't fancy the 50 miles to East Ruislip in that.

    How large is the corpus delicti? Happy to take it for mespilus if I can, I've been hoping to ride out west for some time.

  • Ah yes, it's just got biblical here.

  • I’m sure it will fit in your backpack Oliver.

  • Cool, I'll aim to be there around 3.

  • I’m sat here . Ping me at 07928533-eight-five-nine if you’re lost.

  • Shower after shower over here.
    Apologies for missing your leaving event.
    Keep a presence on the forum, please.
    @Oliver Schick
    Much appreciated if you could collect the gift.
    You're always welcome at Wests.
    A triumvirate has been meeting at another pub.
    I'll forward details.

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Leaving drinks!

Posted by Avatar for cgg @cgg