Knatts Valley Sundowner Last Minute

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  • Saint Mary Cray Station
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  • Last minute ride in and around Knatts Valley. Maybe my knee can make it round, maybe not. Departure at 7pm from Saint Mary Cray station. We can figure pub/tramp beers options on the way.

    Come get some sun and laugh at @CowHen and I on the tandem!

  • Pinging @amey

  • I'm in, Amey has the non-covid lurgy.

    @TTM @pastry_bot any interest in a spin tomorrow evening?

  • 2nd Covid jab day for me, sorry :(

  • I’d love to, but have a work deadline hanging over me. If I manage to smash through it, I’ll try to join though.

    If not, I’ll be expecting to admire some top notch content creation.

  • PSA we did Exedown last time so anyone who joins can probably ak for Terrys Old Lodge Road and get their way

  • It's very tempting. I'm gonna do my best but as usual I'm a maybe :(

  • So gutted to miss this; need tandem #content

  • I'm in!

  • Need to pick up some Gumtree finds in Lee first and will meet you there!

  • I’m going to try to join, but it’ll be a bit of a last minute dash. I have the route and will chase you all down if I miss the depart.

  • Ace, see you in a bit!

    For anyone else joining it's a bit cramped by the ticket machines so we're on the north side of the station

  • Have you left?

  • where is the content?!

  • What a ride. What a night for it.

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  • Absolutely perfect. Cheers all

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  • Excellent night out, maximum value. Clément, Adam and I made it to the ladywell tavern and navigated their ordering app by 22:59, just in time for last orders. Recovery was ably assisted by the ladywell kebab house.

    I got very few photos that weren’t just a blur, thanks @TTM and @cagimaha for capturing the tandem content and for waiting after the hills :)

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  • Many thanks for a most perfect evening! And for all the content :-)

  • Anyone fancy doing this again tomorrow evening? Weather looks perfect for a fixed spin

  • @CowHen is knee-deep in gravel somewhere in the French/Italian Alps, and I've relocated permanently to Paris so you won't have to wait for the tandem after each hill!

    It was such a nice ride!

  • It was such a nice ride!

    It really was. I hope Paris is treating you well.

  • @cagimaha what state is your tandem in? could we / it swing this? I dunno about tomorrow evening though...

  • Also paging @amey @pastry_bot

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Knatts Valley Sundowner Last Minute

Posted by Avatar for cgg @cgg