Rule of 6 - Surrey 6 Hills

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  • Effingham Junction
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  • What's your timings? Are we aiming for a 19h00 meet up?

  • @cagimaha suggests 7pm at Effingham in his first post, but the event lists 7:30....

    I'm super easy on timings. Work will be done by 5ish so plenty of time either way.

  • @cgg sorry to hear about the knee, could bring the gears and take it easy or hang on for an Essex ride?

    @Scrabble and @Ruserius should we aim for 7pm for a 7.30pm depart?

  • Let's just go for 7 if there's no one else asking for the later time. More time in the light.

  • @youramericanlover what was painful never really went away. It seems to be kind of background level now but winter + absence of need to commute mean I haven't really been able to gauge how it really is. So I'm going to take it easy, try some nice and short rides this weekend and see how that goes (if anybody is up for some #coffeeoutside hit me up).

    If all goes well for sure I'd love to do an easy Essex.

    In any case I hope the ride is good tomorrow :-)

  • 7 o clock at Effingham Junction it is. I'll be rolling out of Kingston around 6. Anyone wants to tag along let me know.

  • That sounds good, I'm keen for some gravel hor d'oeuvre. I need to leave mine by 5:30 latest which should hopefully be fine. Let me know where to meet.

  • What are the resupply options on this ride? Thinking of the return journey especially.

  • See you here at 6ish - turn off the road next to the Ram pub - nice sunny spot by the River.

    There is a kebab shop till 10pm in Cobham, or it looks like the Sainsburys petrol station runs till 11pm.

  • Nice one - I'll see you both there at 6.

    I imagine explorodownraphajackets are a must for post ride fuelling?

  • Event time updated to 7pm, apologies for the confusion.

    I'd love to make the ride out from Kingston but I fear I'm going to be cutting it a bit fine so will just see you at Effingham.

    I seem to remember that the shell garage in Cobham is 24h but google/Shell is saying it shuts at 8 at the moment. I may stop on the way out and will ask when they shut if so.

  • only uncertainty is whether @onyerbike got into his good to know so we're not wondering at Effingham.

  • Alas, I am saddling up tomorrow morning rather than this evening, count me in for the next though - had a virgin trundle around the forest yesterday on the new bike and it's much fun.

  • That is a hilly one! Very happy to have the day off today. Lovely to be riding around some nice countryside again, the earlier start made a huge difference.
    Thanks Ben for getting it going, and Tim for the ride out. And back! I only realised how windy it was when I peeled off. Made it to my local takeaway with a minute to spare at 10:59.

  • Yeah hope everyone else got home safe. Lovely ride though and good to be getting back in the groove.

  • Thanks all for coming out, great first ride of the season and looking forward to the next!

  • no pics wtf?

  • Think at @seager got some content provided he got back to Twickenham...

  • .

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  • I took one single photo because gloves

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  • Limited content from me I’m afraid, including from bushy park.

    Slow slow ride when I peeled off. Had leftover curry and pizza in lieu of takeaways.

    Thanks for organising @cagimaha, and everyone else for waiting at the top of hills.

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Rule of 6 - Surrey 6 Hills

Posted by Avatar for cagimaha @cagimaha