Hard Day in January '21 - Reliability Ride - POSTPONED

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  • That ride aged me

  • I remember the cold from that picture. Brrrrr

  • Change of format: Reliability Ride

    Well it's looking very unlikey (and also probably unwise) for a large group ride on the 16th. So I think it's best it takes Pairs Reliability format.

    Between now and the 16th choose another person (or maybe two restrictions depending) to go out and ride course at the time of your choosing. I think choosing a date in January makes sense, close to the 16th is good, a day with terrible weather (but no ice) is best. There may be some overlap of when riders set off if a few choose the 16th, but I'm sure it can be staggered so we don't end up riding together. As it will be the evening in January and I'm sure the pubs will still probably be closed I doubt we'll be able to have a meet up or trophy presentation ceremony. So that can be the next year. Instead post a short write-up with some pics here.

    I have also added a shorter 50 mile loop that takes in the first part 25 or so miles and then heads back into town. As it's the 10th anniversary and a strange year, it'd be nice to have as many people take part as possible. It's a bit bumpy to get home but you gotta get over the ridges, no way around them. The shorter route takes you past the Ide Hill Cafe which should be open if you need to get supplies. Otherwise you could head straight up Toys Hill and rejoin the route. Also instead of taking a left on Downe Lane you can stay on Cudham Lane until the A21 and smashfestina your way home.

    So find a buddy and make it happen.

  • Nice idea

    Multiple ride (and weather) reports could be good.

  • I like this idea too, but if we’re still in tier 4 doesn’t that mean we’re not allowed to ride that far out from London? Hoping I’m wrong though.

  • So are we not to use GPS?

  • Ha! It's more the idea of self-supported "group ride" rather than strict technological interpretation. I will definitely be using a Wahoo.

    @TTM This is a good point. Obviously if this distance isn't allowed under restrictions then please do not do it. In fact I'll probably not be able to do it, and have to do my own mid-Kent version.

    Exercise distances under the rules is not clear and not for me to interpret for anyone. I will of course update / cancel the ride if the situation in London changes or escalates.

  • By escalation I mean going from current level Omnishambles up to Complete Clusterfuck

  • In hope of this happening, I seem to have just purchased a fixed frame to build up. Ooops

  • tier 5 should be a breeze... i'm expecting things to start biting at tier 10

  • Indefinitely postponed
    This ride will go ahead once pandemic conditions improve and government restrictions ease. It's obviously not going ahead with London in Covid Emergency state.

    I would like to offer the following insight to riders: if you are on the road and end up requiring an ambulance you are extremely unlikely to get one and either way you do NOT want to be in a hospital. So take this into consideration the riding and route selection you do over the next however many weeks.

  • Sad times.

    Silver lining is that the prospect of this ride persuaded me to bring a fixed back into the stable. Looking forward to smashing out these miles to celebrate the end of lock down, hopefully with many of you.

  • This is the one thing! More time to build up / dial in your fixed! I look forward to seeing it in the road fixed / fixed road thread.

    But yes, my wife is a senior nurse working across three large hospitals. This is the absolute worst time in living memory to need emergency medical care.

  • I'm glad you've made this decision. I didn't want to abandon the event I'd started, but I didn't want to come out in present cicumstances.

    Let's hope we can all be present for many future editions.

  • The Danish sister event Hardon Day In January was helt as a spread out online event. I rode it with my mate Anders who is also my colleague. We work closely together every day so didn't feel criminal bring him along.

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  • Post a picture of your incredible fixie!

  • Yes boss

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  • BTTT to get people thinking about 2022. I might head up a Staines start on the old route.

  • Sounds like a hoot, in!

  • Hi all! -yep, this is on my mind and I have an idea for '22. I'll put it up in a bit, but obviously don't let that stop you from doing a HDIJ in October ride!

  • Excellent! Looks like the first two Saturdays in January are 8th or 15th.

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Hard Day in January '21 - Reliability Ride - POSTPONED

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