Hard Day in January '21 - Reliability Ride - POSTPONED

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  • Legit gears dispensation for injury @cgg hope it improves

  • Once again I'm most grateful to YAL for organising, particularly at a time when the added difficulties would have made a less determined organiser give up.

    I hope to be available as before, although if there's still nothing open (as seems likely) my help probably won't amount to much.

  • he's riding his.

  • I have a fixed bike I've ridden HDIJ on before but have now converted to a sweet summer town fixie. With some drop bars though it would do the job. Mudguards a pain though. PM me, it could work...

  • Thanks, I'll pm you

  • For what it's worth mudguards are appreciated, not essential. They shouldn't be a barrier to showing up - but you may be asked to ride at the back :)

    Speaking of riding at the back (or the front), if we can ride as a group this year heads up that I'm going to be a bit more vocal about keeping a tight group. The group was often spread out all over the road last year and I don't think it's the safest or most efficient way to get around.

  • even better ! : )

  • What kinda average pace are we talking here? I am fat.

  • Don't think I'll have a fixed bike by this but following just in case

  • I think probably 15 mph avg. 16mph would be slightly ambitious for a larger group, but if it drops much below 14 I think it starts to really stretch out the day and available light so I'd end up pushing the pace. The other thing I may do is create a 45 mile loop for those wanting to take part on a lesser scale and which will make avg speed less of an issue.

  • The other thing I may do is create a 45 mile loop for those wanting to take part on a lesser scale

    Also known as the @Amey Day in January

  • I joke but 40 miles is about my range right now.... :-/

  • hey I did like 60! this time I aim to do the full thing.

  • I’d be down if I can get a loan of a single speed, don’t mind adding some bits or whatever to make it use-able in exchange for the loan or beer etc.

    Would need to be a 58 or 60, based in SE

  • I've got a 58cm Day One you could borrow, it's in E17 though

  • ....this does mean I have a hard stop date to get my Stayer built up by then.

  • Might work. How spiny is it set-up?
    I’m also wondering how wise riding single speed for first time in such a manner is for this distance.

  • 42 x 16, fixed

  • How spiny is it set-up?

    You'd have to wait for everyone at the top of the hills anyway so now you just have to wait a little longer

  • but think of the skids

  • Ha, I think that very much depends on the company, I refer you to the HC thread. Besides I can only climb in a spinny gear 🤣

  • Imagine if the LFGSS jerseys turn up in time for this... phwoar.

  • It’s need to be a Warm Day in January then.

  • Might haven't posted this before. A happy @Hulsroy in 2018.

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Hard Day in January '21 - Reliability Ride - POSTPONED

Posted by Avatar for youramericanlover @youramericanlover