Hard Day in January '21 - Life is Hard Enough Edition

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  • Hard Day in January 2021

    This is a date in the diary, not a firm plan. Whether we can ride all together, in a number restricted group or solo I have no idea. But nearer the time we'll work what it will look like for us to get around responsibly. So watch the thread for further details.

    But the spirit remains the same! @clubman did a 90 mile fixed wheel ride in January 1959 and that provides the inspiration and format for the ride. This is the 10th edition since starting in 2008. It's is intended as a fixed gear / single-speed ride. The route is nearly the same as last year, however this year we'll go out via Featherbed and up to the ridge via the Woldingham Girls School, and then return via Knatts Valley. I haven't decided whether I'll make us up go up Exedown - probably depends on how much Zwift chat I overhear.

    Bromley South ~8:30. I can't say what will be open for lunch - we / you may need to be self-sufficient.


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  • Pencilled in. Might be optimistic of to me to think that travelling 170 miles to ride my bike will be ok by then but WTH, I need something to look forward to.

  • I was thinking about this ride last week. I think we should run a Wests route as well, on the same Saturday, following the old route starting in Staines. I doubt I’ll be in good enough shape to do the whole 90 miles, but I’ll be up for the first 40-50 miles.

  • If I can sweet talk @Hovis into letting me ride his fixed again after last years little spill, I’m definitely in.

  • I'm down for this, really enjoyed it last year.ive been riding a similar route over lockdown, on a geared bike mind.which has included the infamous Exedown, not sure I could do it fixed. it's that hard left hander a quarter of the way up that's the killer.

  • Oh yeah im keen for sure if we can do it! Was sad i missed last year. I may have a spare bike as well if someone around 1.70/1.80m needs

  • I could be up for this possibly, although I would probably have to do on 70 year old bike with tubular tyres as I'm not sure I could manage to ride my other fixed bike for 90 miles, the gearing's a little harsh I'd think.

  • @Jameo should do this ride

  • obvs @Klar

  • Excellent - fixie bike loans all around!

    @Jonny69 feel free to organise something your way if SE isn't doable for you. I think a little time away from the Staines loop is nice, but will probably return to it in a year or so.

    I think it's pretty cool this is the 10th anniversary of the ride (in 12 years). I would love to make a bigger deal about it really, but it's a bit premature considering the lockdown landscape. But still thanks to everyone who has taken part over the years, showing up on bikes in the spirit of the ride and happy to have long day out.

  • It would be good to see you there @jeff80. There was an assortment of bikes last year ranging from 50s track running tubulars to contemporary all out touring bikes so you should be fine.
    I guess it's all weather dependent but you should be fine and Old Terry's Lodge road should be fun as I'm sure it's just a track.

  • i'm up for that.
    be good to hear about gearing !

  • 50x16 has been known to be successful in the past. But I guess usually anyghing around 70gi will be fine? (Disclaimer - I haven't ridden the Kent version)

  • 50x16!?! That's a @Thuekr gear only please. I think 66 -72gi is fine. I'm about 66gi and it's a bit spinny on the flat but I enjoy the hills a bit more, and it makes cruising speed about 15/16mph which is a fine average speed for fixed in the winter.

    @Ruserius and @rhowe get around in larger gearing but they are exceptions rather than the rule

  • right ! thanks. i am on 50x16 now but not sure that's applicable for that type of ride, much grinding uphill, i would add a or 2 teeth at the back i believe.
    disclaimer : i don't have massive experience riding fixed

  • Yeah I'd say you would want to stick a 19 or 20t cog on the rear, might mean you need a new chain for the extra links. 50x16 is a funny ratio to choose though, that's a gearing choice for youth velodrome racing or ultra low cadence cycling / grinding around town. You don't have brklss installed do you? You'll need at least a front brake.

  • i use it in CLM fashion, mostly for solo regents laps, with TT cockpit and obviously brake !

  • Sub’d - and if I’m not able to join I might be able to lay on some food/refreshment around the section closest to Tunbridge Wells where I’m based

  • Hoping to ride this year @youramericanlover, if @Rod_Munch leaves zwift island to ride in a socially distanced fashion (like I believe he did last year) then I'm in.

    Will be geared tho, the fruit salad stays in Wales until I can afford a proper bike shed.

  • I’m in. Work permitting.

  • Can someone please let me a genesis flyer 54cm for this. thanks.

  • someone like @amey ?

  • I was gonna say out due to knee etc. but! It looks like I have a path to improvement. So maybe in for some of it, maybe on gears. I'll be at the pub at the end in any case, if there's a pub at the end.

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Hard Day in January '21 - Life is Hard Enough Edition

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