Ride Redlands before it's felled completely.

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  • Random little car parking bay, Redlands. Google Maps link in main post.
  • Redlands in Surrey, near Dorking, is being felled. Some trails in the middle of the woods are destroyed, but some of the very best trails are still intact.
    If anyone wants to ride this great little spot before it's all gone (the forestry operations are definitely targeting trails first in the commercial logging areas of the forest, this is part of a long term aim to deter trail building in the area from what I've seen).
    I can guide you around, I know the area pretty well. Would be a good time to try what I think is the best riding in that area of Surrey. Better riding than Peaslake for me.
    Expect involved, rooty, steep and fast techy trails. Kind of light enduro, for want of a better description.

    Maximum number of riders will be 6, of course. There are already two attending so four more only.

    Register interest here as I need to have a totally accurate head count.

    Google Maps link for the car parking bay to meet:


    If people are travelling to Dorking stations by train I can meet them at the station.

  • Doable rigid?

  • Most trails are doable rigid, but it depends on how much work you want to put in on the trails. Could be hard work, could also be rewarding.

  • You have decent enough skills, and now a 200mm dropper post too :-)

  • I will be there with a friend. Coming to Dorking station. Know Peaslake very well but Redlands less so. Thanks!

  • I'm less confident in your skills, but you're certainly brave enough ;-)

  • I know the area pretty well.

    You do!

  • Cool.

    So far then:

    1. @t_w
    2. @t_w's mate
    3. @platypus
    4. @platypus' mate

    Two more.

  • Coming along?

  • @lowbrows and @Dogs come on down!

  • I'll think about it. What's it like in the wet?

    That descent down to Dorking that runs parallel to the road 🤯, so quick.

  • "I'll think about it. What's it like in the wet?"

    Like any wet techy trails. Great!

  • I can't begin to imagine how you might be accustomed to riding in the wet...

  • Basically it's all fine until roots.

  • There is no way my skills are good enough.
    Especially as I've been on-road for the past few weeks.

  • I want to come, need to work out how. Tentative yes

  • There is no way my skills are good enough.

    If you're happy to point the bike where you can't see you'll be fine, it's just steep @t_w knows all the trails and will let you know the hazards (edit - didn't mention that couple though last time😳).

  • I’ll be in the area (well, of the Surrey Hills) on Sunday as I’m taking Fenella to an event that starts at Box Hill. I was planning on doing the standard stuff around Peaslake and Leith, but if you chaps are going to be making a day of it I could come across after that? (I wanted to ride the same trails I have ridden before on my Scalpel to get a sense of the difference).

  • Okay, that's the 6 for now.

    List for Sunday:

    1. @t_w
    2. @t_w's mate
    3. @platypus
    4. @platypus' mate
    5. @Dammit
    6. @TvH

    If anyone can't make it please let me know, can always give the place to someone else.

    Keep in mind this place is a step up from what you'll find at Peaslake, as a guide.

  • If @TvH can’t I’d be keen.
    @Dogs I will stupidly point my bike at most things.

  • Ha. I'll mention the most janky features, no time to detail everything. :-D

  • Sorry, I took your previous reply as a no. If anyone drops out you're more than welcome.

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Ride Redlands before it's felled completely.

Posted by Avatar for t_w @t_w