Waifs and Strays XIV - cancelled

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  • Millennium Bridge, Southwark
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  • Looks like I’m alone this Christmas, so would like to lead this again, start with winter sunrise (nautical twilight) over the Thames, reconfigured route, later rendezvous in West End at 08.30, same sites planned.

    Thanks to Object and Digger for creating this ride, to ensure that no one in our forum / bike community is alone on Christmas Day.

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  • Not certain I'll be in London this xmas, but if I am I'd love to join.

  • Cool, everything is subject to covid, second wave etc. I will keep this event live until closer to the day.

  • not sure whether this event should go ahead, given the current tier situation for London.

    But I will be going for a ride around town on xmas day, as i am a lonely sad MF ..
    Hopefully less people out and about this year expecting nothing to be open

  • I'd have expected it to be quite busy this year. I feel like a lot of people could be staying in town to avoid busy travelling and will all plan the trip into central for the empty streets.

  • Yeah ! I'm up for this, circumstances permittin.

  • In for this. Can bring soundboks on cargo bike.

  • I think I'll be wandering aimlessly around the empty streets of London on Christmas morning. Who knows, I might even see other cyclists?

    Unfortunately I doubt I'll be on the cargo-bike as it's not very well & the bike-doctor doesn't seem to know how to fix it

  • Will be out with fambly up town xmas morn I think, maybe a river ride.

  • Tier 3 update; unless you are with your support bubble when out and about;

    random socially distance meet up
    2 metre spaced chat with face masks
    ride London’s famous streets if you want
    bring own festive treats
    bring own mince pies and sweets
    bring own whiskey / whisky in hipster flasks
    bring own coffee
    take some cool empty street pics

  • Definitely in.

    With cargo bike and music.

  • I'd love to bring a kid with me, on a silly little tandem, but I'll have to see how it goes. I imagine all of them will be too interested in opening presents at 6am rather than going out in the cold with dadda

  • @doubleodavey you live near me, I plan to leave home around 6am happy to meet you on the greenway East Ham end if you do decide to ride into town. Would be good to meet you :)

  • I'll be out and about too

  • @almac68 are you going to swing by Oxford Circus around 8.30?

  • Probably set to be a few people around for this one, then!

  • Dose the introduction of Tier 4 to London mean that the ride now can't happen legally ? One of the Tier 4 regulations I've just heard at the PM's press confrence was "no more than two people meeting outside".

    Really don't want to be the bearer of bad news here.

  • Does that include if we are going on a 'hunt' or shooting party?

  • Tories and their mates are exempted from any restrictions, obvs.

  • Mass sight test.

  • Might have to register as a conservative then get away with this.

  • The Tier 4 announcement today has probably killed this event. I will keep this thread open so that those that want to post their solo waifs and strays pictures can do so. I am gutted btw :(

  • But I haven't got a wife and child to take with me when I drive and can't see.
    Sorry being political and this is not the thread. But that bit of it all makes me angry.

    @hippy Ah the pleb theory ;)

  • It is gutting, BUT rather you lot are still here and healthy.

  • The Tier 4 announcement today has probably killed this event.


    Oh well. There's always the queen's speech to look forward to

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Waifs and Strays XIV - cancelled

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