cancelled: covidmonster 2020

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  • Along with all the understandably absent rides this year, one that was always expected to be off was The Cobblemonster, formerly known as the London Classic: a beautifully organised ride that took place on the day of Paris-Roubaix and in a similar fashion, took in many of the cobbles and climbs that London has to offer.

    This year, 'Roubaix is expected to take place on Sunday 25th October.

    There's a good chance, that by this date, we'll still not be able to meet up in groups of >30. So, that's the traditional drinking and watching the race at the end part ruined (I know, the best bit), but would people be speculatively up for riding one of the old routes? I've attached 2018's for those that don't know it.

    At the very least, I could make some spoke cards and you can have a nice morning ride with some friends, before heading home and watching Eurosport / a dodgy stream.

    Cobblemonster always had a fundraising element to it and in a year like this, that'd be something nice to retain.

    I'll judge interest here and make more effort if there is any.

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  • Thats a brilliant idea count me in . Loved the cobblemonster be even more fun if its a little damp .

  • Sounds like a great idea to me. At the risk of starting an "ianfest" you can count me in too

  • My name isn’t Ian, but I would be interested in this nonetheless

  • Yes yes yes!!!

  • Well then, looks like I'll need to give it a little thought!

  • Keen :)

  • Great idea, let me know if you need help.

  • I’m way out east these days, not likely to do any major hills due to injured right knee, but keen to participate in some shape with donation.. if you can secure space to watch P>R that would be awesome, otherwise dodgy Eurosport connection will have to do, or I watch highlights on YouTube

  • Well, in view of the new rules, if they still apply then, or if there's a full lockdown again, we'll just have to think about that. I don't think the numbers limit is a problem, as we can easily just ride in ones and twos, but if nothing changes, a meet at the end to watch races is definitely impossible. Let's hope that perhaps rules will have been loosened again then.

  • Yes I’d be up for that!

  • Speculatively - In

  • Def interested

  • Thinking about it, I can't really imagine a plausible world in which this is a sensible public health idea, in a month's time.


  • I totally hear ya. The idea is really more just a case of it being contact-free. I have some ideas and will update accordingly, Rog.

  • Don't think I'll get round to making this worth anyone's time, sorry.

    EDIT: And since the real Paris-Roubaix is cancelled, it's crazy to continue.

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cancelled: covidmonster 2020

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