Bridges XXIII

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  • Loic! Missed you last night.

    These things happen. Turned out to be a short ride for me anyway.

    Tough being an adult.

  • So sorry we lost you, Iain. Where was it?

    If left behind on a Bridges ride, just carry on until the next bridge along a shorter route. We lost brokenbetty and Settle at Putney Bridge, but they just carried on south of the river and met us again at Wandsworth Bridge.

  • Lovely ride, just what the doctor ordered. Well done to Velocio for putting it on the calendar.

  • Good to meet everyone!

    Got back at 4. Headwind all the way back. Legs quit about 12 miles from home. Man that was brutal!

  • You definitely win the prize for ride of the night!

  • Great ride! Nice to meet everyone.

    My shoulder doesn’t even hurt too badly after crashing into ma3k either.

  • Was that your or my fault?

    If mine, sorry!

    It was a really long day for me yesterday but I don't remember hitting the floor or crashing and sitting in the bath I can't see any bruises.

    Only my brain hurts after last night.

  • I think it was a bit of both of ours, and only I went down.

    S’all good, no harm done 😅

  • Thank you for organising was a blast. Also thank you to everyone for the general niceness and good vibes.

  • Fun night. Great to meet a few people in person after lurking around the forum for years. Big Covid-distanced hugs to anyone who did a stint cycling slowly at the back with me...beers on me at the first opportunity.

    And I am so buying a shewee

  • That may have been me before I turned back for putney.

    I see you caught up with them!

  • Yeah, that was a real shame you'd gone cos it was literally just a few minutes after you left. I went over Wandsworth Bridge heading North, found @Settle (I think) waiting on the bridge, then the ride appeared heading South.

  • I can't believe no-one's asked if timbre's bike is alright.

  • Unexpected ride after riding to Tottenham.
    Blame Darien to drag us! Was very fun!
    Lovely to meet everyone! _o/

  • Was that the brooklyn bike? Hope you are OK dude.

    I didn't have a clue where we were half the time, even when we lost sight of the group I could still hear Jon's voice in my head 'go left!' I'm sure I'm not the only one to think that he will be missed once he gets a chance to get back home, proper legend.

    No pics? I only took one and its a crap one.

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    • IMG_20200913_005952.jpg
  • That was a lot of fun. Thanks for organising and leading us.
    Lovely meeting everyone / seeing people again.
    @hollow__legs had got some great photos from the night on Instagram (hope he doesn’t mind me saying)
    @timbre (is it pronounced ‘timbre’ or ‘timbre’?) hope your bike and shoulder are okay.

  • @hollow__legs thanks for the photos

  • Damn, haven't done this in years, I'll be on the next one.

  • It's a brooklyn it's tough ;)

  • Can you share your insta @hollow__legs pls x

  • Always a great forum ride.

    Wish I had been there, wish am able to cycle that far.......with gears never mind single speed or fixed.

  • Great ride, nice to see you all. Thanks for getting this together!

  • It’s now the same as my username on here ;)

    That was so much fun, worth the trip from Scotland. Lovely to meet everyone and thanks for organising @Velocio @MA3K

  • Thanks! Ride home was a bit over 30 miles into a bastard of a headwind so about 70 miles all in. Could hardly walk up the stairs yesterday, was wiped out!

    Anyone wondering about numbers, I think it was 21 in total, 3 of whom read the forum but aren’t signed up. MA3K yelling “OI, WANKERS, FUCK OFF!” at the start was his way of saying ‘we’re over here on the grass’. Hi if you’re reading!

  • The pre ride GSIAD was a great opportunity for MA3K to show us some lovely routes, really was excellent and the weather just perfect. Grateful as always for everyone who makes these happen.

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Bridges XXIII

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio