London Tweed Run

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  • Aye, it still happens. This is a shout out for anybody who'd be interested in being a marshal (the actual tickets sold out within minutes, as usual).

    The marshals have become a social group of their own - quite a few forum people still involved there, aside from those who seem to be permanently on the guest list (cough @General_Lucifer cough). We reckon we have more fun than the paying riders and there are perks (free food, free booze and often a gift from the sponsors).

    Of course, this is all subject to Coronavirus and the random decisions of Boris Johnson, but at the moment we look like being the only "sporting" event happening in May.

    So, if you're interested in marshalling, give me a shout.

  • Would love to be a Marshall. I think i can cycle faster than the virus . Have done ride a couple of times. Boris on his bike will not be able to catch us .



  • The date is now TBD, for obvious reasons. New date pending developments, but the firm intention is to run it this year if at all possible.

  • Do we have a Tweed Runner on the Great British Sewing Bee?

  • @itsbruce any news about the Tweed Run?

  • @ian(conker) @Zebra_Cyclist B&H not answering questions atm. In any case, I'd say chances of anything happening this year are near zero.

  • It's back. 29th April.

  • @itsbruce Are marshal's still sorted via here? Asking for a friend / ex forumenger.

  • Loved marshal duties for Tweed Run, hope it’s a success.

  • DogandBellCrew:

    I see the [insert ride] started life as a LFGSS/Clarion/Lambeth* ride
    *delete as appropriate

    Seriously fella, you need to stop this.

  • Contacting me on here is fine.

  • Why do you think you need to tell us our own history?

  • Do you mean that now they all happen because they're established traditions? Because the first tweed run very much happened because a group of friends decided to go for a ride.

    And I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what your post is trying to achieve.

  • Firstly, that makes no sense as an answer. Secondly,it's wrong and poorly considered. At least two of those rides began as a group of friends deciding to do something informal. How the hell do you think something becomes a tradition?

  • Something to do with committees, AGMs on days no one can attend, minutes, quorums and being unable to get laid.

  • I was there.

    Still got the spoke card pined up in the man cave, and the £5 charity shop Harris tweed jacket.

    Dropped out when the comercial boys got involved.

  • It was never my thing, but Jacqui and I are still buddies.

  • .

  • Hi Julian, we met up for the first few - good times!

  • Stop trying to hijack LFGSS’s rides like you’ve tried with Greenwich/Southwark. It’s suspicious and unwelcome.

  • Hello Alan.

    Hope that you are keeping well.

    Indeed, they were good times.

  • Got my ticket sent through today this was originally set for 02.05.20
    Where did those three years go

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London Tweed Run

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