• Peaslake Village Stores, Peaslake, Surrey, GU5 9RR.
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  • Sorry to hear that. I'll sort more rides out in the near future.

  • Yeah. I'll probably be there earlier TBH.

  • What time? I can be there earlier and we can do a couple of trails before others arrive.

  • Gonna drive down and I’m usually
    up at 7 so probably 9ish?

    Not sure I can remember how to bike tho

  • Okay, I can meet you at 9 and have a roll around some trails. Then head back to meet the others at 11.

  • Is any one getting the train out?

  • Yep I’m taking 9:30 train from Waterloo

  • Who's down for this tomorrow?


    Anyone else?

    More than anything it's to make sure I don't leave anyone behind if they're late at the start.

  • Yeah I'm in, I'll get the train out with @Cloak/Dagger

  • Coolio. See you tomorrow.

  • I'll be over at Holmbury until about 3, conditions are lovely atm.
    Will be down as early as I can to sneak in some trails before skills, and will try and find you after, if not knackered

  • Gonna be there about 9ish much excite

  • I presume by "3" you mean 3am 😉

  • It's a lovely day here.

  • Thanks for the ride and company, @Howard, @Dogs, @Cloak/Dagger. Really enjoyed it apart from my messing up guiding around Leith.

    @lowbrows, hope you and your shifter are okay. Sorry to miss you.

    I'm proper knackered now.

  • Ha. Yeah am fine. Bit of a nuisance with the new shifter and all.
    V gutted not to ride with you all. Next time!

  • Cheers, was a good ride, we're both trying to stay awake on the train.

    If there's lesson to take away from today, it's that rotten tree stumps aren't as sturdy as one might hope.

    @lowbrows how was your skills session?

  • As you were clutching that tree stump I was busy recalling the many times I did exactly the same thing. :-D

  • Just wasn't the right time for me, maybe next time.

  • For sure.

  • rotten tree stumps aren't as sturdy as one might hope

    Tell me more

  • Hadn't committed to this steep section and was having second thoughts, whilst my shoes were losing grip, so I tried to grab a tree stump that was totally rotten, which obviously just collapsed.

  • I liked it better when people used to take photos :-(

  • Photos are too poor a monument to such moments. :-)

    And they happen to quick to capture. Like when I went over the bars on a steep switch back and quavered my front wheel in a rut.

    Maybe when we all have personal drones filming all our unforgiving moments.

  • And they happen to quick to capture

    This is why I always plan people's mishaps in advance

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Belated Surrey Hills spring equinox/summer solstice ride MTB ride - was Saturday March 21st, now Sunday July 5th

Posted by Avatar for t_w @t_w