• Peaslake Village Stores, Peaslake, Surrey, GU5 9RR.
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  • Alrighty then!

  • Well, response has been underwhelming from others. I understand though considering what's been going on. If you want to meet myself and a couple of mates for a ride on the 5th message me. We'll be going out

  • I would have been well up for this. But spannered myself last Friday evening on a largely innocuous bit of trail. Broken ribs take 6 weeks to heal properly I'm told :o/

    I've been attempting to (and failing to) sleep sitting upright for the last week. There's no way I can sling a leg over a bike at the mo.

  • Potentially in, if my mtb is built in time, or I feel brave enough to attempt SSCX

  • Fuck, sorry to hear that. Hate broken ribs.
    Hope you heal up fast!

  • You're welcome to join. Just let me know here.

  • Also potentially in.

    Would be nice to ride somewhere that isn't Epping Bogfest

  • Alrighty. Hope to see you there.

  • If the motor has arrived I'll try to be there.

  • Hah don’t tempt me

  • Nice one. Be great to have you all on a ride.

  • This will be a belated spring equinox and summer solstice ride combined.

    Let's have it!

  • Pencilled in

  • I'd be interested to see the route you're doing if you have a GPX file. I'd join but I only have a CX bike at the moment.

  • I don't use Garmins, Strava, etc. But if anyone coming along wants to post the data for anyone to use it's all good.
    The route used that day will be ad hoc, as in; see what happens on the day.
    If you have a CX bike you can join, I'd advise a MTB but so many trails there could be ridden on a CX.

  • The route used that day will be ad hoc, as in; see what happens on the day

    All the best guides do this ;-)

  • SSCX is my backup for this when my mtb build goes terribly wrong

  • Car is getting delivered on Friday; this is possibru

  • I'll join you all for lunch/ last runs maybe. Am skills coursing nearby.

  • I'll join you all for lunch and show you up. Am skills coursing nearby.


  • Alrighty, hope you all can make it. Looking forward to this.

  • I'm not gonna have the mtb built for this, and I'm not sure I'm prepared to punish myself on the SSCX just yet, so I'm out.

    As soon as I have the mtb built I'll be up for a ride!

  • So meeting time is 11am by Peaslake Village Stores. Is the time okay for everyone?
    If you're coming message me and I'll send my phone number in case you need to contact me.

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Belated Surrey Hills spring equinox/summer solstice ride MTB ride - was Saturday March 21st, now Sunday July 5th

Posted by Avatar for t_w @t_w