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  • Hopefully we can do a belated spring equinox ride in the summer.

    Yes to this.

    Concerned at the rumours of a London lock-down, whether in Kingston i'll be in it, and whether the fuzz will catch me if I take the back roads and bridleways outta this town!

    That will be two days in the Downs scuppered. Riding on the Saturday and a mothers day walk and picnic on Sunday. Fingers crossed for both.

  • ^ yeah, also yes to that. Think I'm going to give this a miss. Partially cos covid, partially cos I'm sick of cleaning mud off everything.

  • I'm pulling out of this. Gonna go for my own ride but meeting up with a load of people doesn't seem sensible. Have fun on the trails and stay safe!

  • Yeah, I think it's best to cancel this event. We can do a belated ride later on in the year.

  • Yeah, definitely the right decision considering the current climate. I'd been looking forward to this ride for ages though, sad times.

  • It's a shame, especially considering the weather is proper spring like today. But a big group ride would be really irresponsible.

    Let's hope the new normal they're talking about will allow this ride to happen later in the year.

  • Rode Ranmore Common by myself that day. Found loads of great trails I'll show you all when this is all over.

    Or if it's ever all over....

  • Dreaming of the belated spring equinox ride.

    Maybe on this...

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  • Not very gnar by your standards :)

  • What standards? :-D

  • Let's hope the new normal they're talking about will allow this ride to happen later in the year.

    Still holding out for this.

  • It'll happen soon, I hope.

  • This will happen when the lockdown is relaxed enough to allow group rides.
    Been scouting trails. It'll be good.

  • So a belated Spring Equinox ride is on the cards. From Monday up to six people from different households can meet up so long as social distancing is adhered to.
    Let's hope things progress to allowing larger groups in the near future.

  • Let's hope things progress to allowing larger groups in the near future

    You clearly have more friends than me :D

  • Only if local, though local isn't defined as far as I can see. Don't know if "local" covers everything from Westway to Bluewater, but it definitely doesn't reach up the M6...


  • Just pointing out that lockdown rules are being relaxed further, so this hopefully bodes well for allowing a proper group ride to happen this summer.

  • I somehow doubt that. :-)

  • I went for a razz around Holmbury via Netley Heath last night - some monster trails above the lovely named Colekitchen farm. The doubles were well out of my reach, but some of the techy off camber loose stuff was 'fun'.

    This time of year is great. Descended BKB at about 21:15 with the glow of sunset just about lighting the trail enough. It's deserted that time of night,which is great, but I also spend too much time hoping I don't snap both my wrists. Riding with others has its appeal.

  • There's some good trails on Holmbury. Found a new one called Chocolate Teapot that's near Crack Pipe.

  • Six.people.can.meet.outdoors.from.differ­ent.households.

    Who's up for a ride soon?

  • I would love to, but only if someone will drive from SE and can take me and my bike on board as the trains are still not a social-acceptable option -(

  • Well, we'll see how lock down regs ease (or not). If they relax further to allow people to travel in a car together I know someone who can give you a lift.

    Then again rail travel is significantly socially distanced these days. I've been travelling for work and I usually get entire carriages to myself.

  • So, anyone fancy a ride on the 4th or 5th of July? Trails are fucking full of peeps now.

  • Sure!

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Belated Surrey Hills spring equinox/summer solstice ride MTB ride - was Saturday March 21st, now Sunday July 5th

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