HELLS BELLES 2020 Planning Meeting

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  • It's 2020 and what does that mean? HELLS BELLES IS COMING HOME LADS.

    We have LOTS of things to talk about and we'd love as many people of all genders to be involved as possible.

    The dates for Hells Belles will be 26th - 28th June 2020.

    We'd like to announce before the end of January so people can buy tickets, and Mya is back on Jan 15th, so we're proposing meeting on Sunday January 19th at The Ship at 4pm. Lots of time to play polo before.

    I have made an agenda but if you have specific things you'd like to talk about / brainstorm then hit me up and I'll add them to the list of things to talk about.




    1. Jess
    2. Soph
    3. Anna
  • Unfortunately I'll be away...

  • In for meeting, and more than happy to help out in any way I can.

  • #hellesbells2020 meeting:

  • #hellesbells2020 meeting:

  • HEY!

    Here are the notes from the last meeting:

    The aim of Hells Belles is to empower non-cis-male players - both existing and playing in the tournament, and to potential new players who come and watch.

    In the meeting, we discussed things we needed to be done, and allocated people tasks. Our next meeting is Sunday 23rd February @ 4pm @ The Ship.

    Friday Format
    BENCH. 12 (mixed) teams of 5 players. 30 mins per game. Frax is in charge of formatting.

    Saturday Format
    24 teams of 3 players. Womxn / non-biary players only.
    Jess to speak to Iva and Andy about the format.

    Reg Forms
    Jess to make. Hells Belles 1 week before mixed tournament so we know which femxale / non-binary players are coming. Both tournaments will be a lottery.

    Registration Fee
    Friday 1 day tournament: £20 / team
    Sat / Sun Hells Belles: £45 / team

    Soph and Lukas are going to talk to Max Newstead about getting a coffee discount / donation from his old work. They're going to bring their camping stove - if anyone else has one please co-ordinate with soph and lukas!

    Food Crew
    A very simple breakfast and a (mostly) vegan lunch.
    Lukas, Vango, Adam
    Tony, Anna & Lexi were also nominated - lettuce know if you're keen!
    Food crew also in charge of buying the first round of big containers of water, and keeping them filled at The Ship.
    Food is going to be free, but Lukas is going to organise a kitty so that people can pay a donation to 'sports milk' at the food stand, then go get beers at the...

    Charlie is organising kegs of beer and Matt is helping him transport it.
    Clem, Tony, Jimmy and Charlie are down as organising a rota of bar tenders - more volunteers welcome!
    Jimmy is going to bring a toolbox and stand. This can go next to the bar so it's never out of sight of an LPC player.

    Soph and Mya are negotiating a discount with The Dover Castle - hopefully this will include use of the toilets all day. They will also ask The Ship for use of toilets from 12pm Friday / Saturday / Sunday.

    Friday and Sunday night - The Ship. Saturday night - Dover Castle - Mya and Soph organising. DJs welcome! Hit up Mya and Soph if you want to DJ!

    Mya in charge - if you want to collaborate hit her up!

    Shelter if raining
    Clem and Max Knight are down to bring Gazebos. Anyone else?

    We're gna buy some ping pong bats.
    Laura to talk to LCF about having a stall?
    Any other ideas?

    Sound System & Microphone
    Lexi to lend us speakers and co-ordinate with Matt about picking up a generator. Need to source a microphone.

    Sponsors / Prizes
    Frax is donating some shafts - thanks!
    Max Knight can you talk to Push Cycles?
    Beagle can you talk to Brixton Cycles?
    Jess to talk to Alejandro
    Jimmy to talk to Paradise Cycles
    Can someone get in touch with Lightfoot?
    I also think it would be super nice to have an art gallery again and use these as prizes like we did for the EU tournament. Let me know if you'd be up for this.

    Court building / takedown
    Matt, Max & Miles. Tournament on Sunday needs to finish by 8pm.
    MMM will also make scoreboards & a podium & bring a chalk board to write rounds on. Jimmy to make 6 bibs.

    Miles to be in charge of creating a reffing schedule. Pairs of refs doing 1 hour shifts. We will ask on the sign up form if people are willing to ref (including asking on the friday sign up if men who are staying are willing to ref hells belles too)

    Poster and Promo Vid
    Mya designing poster
    Mya, Frax & Jakub designing promo vid

    Merch // Welcome packs
    Camping mugs! Mya to design logo.
    Disposable Cameras
    Postcards & European stamps
    Soph to make cookies
    Jimmy to design some patches
    Frax to make stickers
    Soph and Mya to look into drawstring bags - maybe with screen printing?

    Google Map of Things to Do
    Adam, Vango and Lukas are going to design this. It will include transport routes from airports and congestion zone VLES zone for people who are driving. Also where free parking is.

    What we're saying to the council
    We cannot book Newington, so we will put up notices that say we've booked the court. Laura to help Jess to design some official looking notices.
    If someone from the council / police does turn up, Jess & one more person TBC is the point of contact.

    Accessing money
    Jess to ask Woody

    Announcing and Registration
    Announcing ASAP! Maybe even tomorrow! Then registration to open in mid Feb.

    TBC next meeting.

    Next meeting

    Wahoo so excited xxxxx

  • Nice one mates! Sounds good

  • Awsome in for bar and art prices

  • yo, I can bring down a truing stand but not tools :(

  • HB Meeting Notes Feb 23

    Firstly, thanks all for attending, and for those not attending thanks for ongoing help and updates 🙏

    Friday Format
    Format for the Friday bench tournament has been decided, Frax has more details. Each team should get 6-7 games.
    Registration for the bench tournament is £20 per team of 4.

    Sat & Sun Format
    Decided 24 teams for the main tournament,
    Double Elimination which will be based on points.

    This means we’re expecting around 70 people at the least

    ⚠️Because of a conflict with the Euros, we are moving this tournament to happen on the weekend of the 10/12th July⚠️

    Reg fees
    With the date change, accommodation has been difficult—nigh on impossible—for us to sort out. So with that in mind we are going to discount the registration fee from £45 to £30, and use LHBPA funds to subsidise registration and close the gap on tournament funding.

    £30 was the OG Hells Belles registration fee. Plus this time it comes with food.
    We will make it explicit in promo/registration that the fee is low because accommodation will needed to be arranged by teams coming.

    Reg forms
    Registration will open on Monday and it will be open for 2 weeks. Afterwhich there will be a filmed lottery.

    There’s a plan for the recommended cheaper accommodation to be around the corner at Restop. It’s around £25pp.

    Promotional Video
    Frax and Mya are taking on producing a promo video, Jakub has had to pull out. Please reach out if you can help, as this will likely unlock sponsor deals.

    Food & Drink
    ☕️ Coffee has been sorted by Soph & Lukas!

    🍕Food crew (Ziemek, Lucas, Vangelis, Adam, Tony, Anna) need a replacement for Lexie as he can no longer make it.
    ⚠️Who is organising this squad in the absence of Lexie?⚠️
    🇲🇾 Beagle is still cool handling the BBQ on Sunday with the food crew above.

    🍺 Charlie reports no problems sorting the bar stock.
    🚐 Max is cool to transport Kegs.
    🍻 Danny will join Clem, Tony, Jimmy and Charlie on the bar team.

    ☝️ More volunteers for food and bar crews welcome!

    Friday - The Ship.
    Saturday - Dover Castle.
    Sunday - The Ship.

    Do you want to DJ? Speak to Mya!


    We still need speakers and an amp! As far as we are aware the generator is still happening (@lexie?) If you can volunteer this kit or know where we could ask, please reach out!

    Jess to get some PingPong balls and bats, Jimmy can also provide some.
    Laura will bring a slack line for on the grass,
    Matty a dartboard for a tree.

    Tools & Stand
    Beagle will sort a stand from work, and some tools (personal, and need to be looked after and secure).
    Jimmy is cool to bring a truing stand. Same deal, needs security/to be in a locked van when not in use.

    Beagle has an OG Hells Belles mallet head in purple, and will give to Mya for using on the Trophy.

    Sponsors and Prizes
    🎊Ivana is providing 3 prizes.
    🎉 Lightfoot and Frax are donating shafts
    Beagle to talk to Brixton Cycles.
    Jess to talk to Josh Meyland/Ison Distribution.
    Ziemek to Blackhol (sp?)
    Matt/Miles to talk to Ertz

    LHBPA Produced prizes:

    Jimmy - Winning patches for the winning teams. Maybe even some little bag depending on time.
    Danny - Drawings (these are sick, ask to have a look at his work sometime)
    Laura - Notebooks.
    Laura will also lease with LCEF closer to the time about LCEF merch.
    Volunteers wanted.
    The Gallery of LHBPA produced art and crafts were the best things about our OpenNotOpen tournament last year. Let’s make this magic happen again!

    Merch and welcome packs
    No new news on this.
    Ideally we’d like printed info: How to get to the Map (more below), Podium, LFGSS, Contact numbers of organisers, etc.

    Jess will discuss with another pub in the area, Peaky Blinders, if we can use theirs.
    Toilet locations to be given to Map Squad (Vangelis, Adam)

    Google Map
    Map will needs: Toilets, local food places, cashpoints, accommodation suggestion, routes from major transport hubs (Airports, Kings X) and information for drivers (parking/ULEZ/congestion charge info).

    We still need volunteers for the day: Runners, Whips, etc.

    Note from tournament organisers: Any London player seen in the pub before the court is dismantled on Sunday will be in the naughty corner for a year. What does that mean you ask? It means you only ever get to throw in to mega shuffles and if there’s anyone without a bike or a mallet they get priority on YOUR equipment. So like, DBAD?

    Next meeting
    Jess will post up some dates for a meet around end of March/beginning April.

  • Sorry I couldn’t attend today, thanks for the notes!

    Jimmy - Winning patches for the winning teams. Maybe even some little bag depending on time.

    Happy to help with sewing if needed.

  • Is this still going ahead?

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HELLS BELLES 2020 Planning Meeting

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