Bridges XIX : East

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  • Coach and Horses - Kew Green
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  • @Yukirin I'll post on SPFG thread shortly

  • IN - always a great ride!

  • Won't be there :(
    Have fun!

  • Really wanted to make this, but on-call for work so I can't. Gutted.

  • Heading over to St Paul's soon for the central feeder out.

  • can't make it dying of gastro :'( Have a great ride. Lovely weather for it.

  • @beach, what kind of work do you do? I've risked a few rides on-call ;)

  • Where is this ending? I don't want to miss the ride after the ride.

  • I'm a sysadmin, so callouts either mean a small problem with a server or some total catastrophe. It's not the best thing to deal with at the side of the river :(

  • pfft, laptop in bag, mobile phone wifi, VPN. Where's your imagination?

  • Woah, ride after ride was windy and we must have cranked it judging by how my legs feel.

    Don't smoke weed.

  • did anyone manage the tweed, the bridges and the after ride ride?

  • No fruity tweed was in evidence on either of my rides.

  • ian(conker) did the Tweed Run and the Bridges, but not the ride after the ride. I believe he was the only Tweeder in attendance.

    Very entertaining ride, thanks, John and everybody else. Good to meet some new people and re-meet some old ones. :)

  • Really fun ride, John thanks for organising and leading!!!

  • Thanks @|³|MA3K for the ride! My legs are destroyed after the sprint back to Kingston with [Damn it, can't find your name!] Good speed, sir!

  • Thanks John good ride!
    nice to meet you and many others :)

  • actually I did spot a Harris Tweed bag being sported by one of your miscreants

  • bit late, but thanks John. Was way speedier than any bridges rides I've done before & the 50+ miles I'd already put in were leading me into the pain cave. I really wanted to do the 'ride after the ride', especially with the missus being away and all that, but my legs were shouting "GO TO FUCKIN BED YOU BASTARD!" so I slept for 10hrs and woke up feeling like shit.

  • That was me, breakin' the rules. But it wasn't fruity tweed. It was serious tweed, carrying my beer.

    Does anyone know who was sat on the millennium bridge taking the photos as we rode over? Would be good to see those, I imagine they looked awesome.

  • And who was taking photos of the 'skid comp' at city hall?

  • Probably @maro_donald. He takes some cool cool photos.

  • @Crop it was me. I'm not going to lie. The pictures didn't turn out all that well too dark, lack of inspiration blah, blah, blah. Here is one of them:

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Bridges XIX : East

Posted by Avatar for |³|MA3K @|³|MA3K