End Of Season Dinner & Death TT

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  • Will prep for the Death TT by getting Death Stares on a packed commuter train arrving into Kings X just over the 10am cut off for non-folding bikes.

  • We have a table for ten booked for dinner under my name from 8pm onwards. This should give everybody ample time to turn up and partake in the Death TT if they so wish.

  • Excellent facilitating #wouldrep

  • Death TT!

    A delightful course, 2.7km long with a whooping 72m of elevation (according to RGPS, actual figures may vary). Start from the Gatehouse, go down Highgate West Hill, turn left at the round about at the bottom onto Swain's Lane and make your way back up.

    Here's a pretty map for your enjoyment: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31508937

    Some rules:

    • Any mean of locomotion is acceptable as long as it's a human powered bike.
    • The same bike will have to be used for the whole course.
    • There will be two ranking, one for speed and one for gearing; placement in each will give points to the riders, the sum of which will determine the overall ranking.
    • Geared bikes won't appear in the gearing ranking (so they better be quick).
    • These rules may change up until the departure of the first participant.

  • Can I have a handicap if I bring a heavy and slow hybrid for the Death TT?

    Maybe like, only counting the climb and not the descent?

  • Surely gravity and a freewheel should help you on the descent? @cagimaha got a kom on the muddyfox on a descent after all...

  • Oi! I'll have you know that was for the combined down and up sections! Clearly my superior gravity was enough to overcome poor climbing.

    I think I held the title for less than 20 seconds though and the QOM is something like a third faster :)

  • I tried yesterday with the new gearing and had to get off and walk. Bodes well for tomorrow

  • Is there a rideout planned from the cittaahhhhh?

  • Good thinking! I kick out at 5:30 I think so that gives us time for a Regent's Park Hour of Power from 6-7, then up to Highgate for 3 Death TTs?

  • I can also be out by 5:30pm, I'm on the boat anchor so how about a libation somewhere central before winching our ways up the hill?

  • That sounds much more fun

  • Is there a venue of choice? LMNH is a surety for biek parking but open to other suggestions.

    Also @cgg as you're local?

  • šŸ™‹šŸ»ā™‚ļø I like beers! Iā€™d like to come for pre-beer beers.

  • Keep me posted on plans. Not sure quite when I'll be OOO. Just hope its not raining too much as I don't want wet jeans....

  • Proposed pre-hill venue of the Square: https://goo.gl/maps/AS4JgSLQQdNWhGW9A

    Has all your weird estate pub vibez covered. ETA around 6pm there.

  • It looks weird.

    In a good way.

  • I'll probably ride directly from work aiming to be at The Gatehouse for 1830.

    In terms of estate pub I ride past The Beehive twice a day and have always been curious about it.

  • I'll also be there for pre-beer beers.

  • Still at work, so probably see you at the Gatehouse.

  • Leaving work now - will be up by 7.15...

    Take bikes straight through the pub into their yarden - they don't mind.

  • I'll be there about 830 probably - let me know if you need extra locks bringing..

  • See you when you get here

  • Potholes outside the pub are ridiculous

  • Winning time and winner for the death TT, revised course. Bravo!

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End Of Season Dinner & Death TT

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