The 2nd coming of Potters Bar

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  • Wow, this is the last ride of this season already, I wonder where the last few months went.

    Train out from Kings Cross: 1906 arrives 1932
    Train back: 2232, 2302, 2332, 0002 to KX

    There’s probably a possibility of taking the train from Finsbury Park at 1915, which I’ll probably do.

  • Train out:

    • cgg

    Ride out:

    Forever in our hearts:

    • YAL
    • some other bearded guy
  • Train out:

    1. cgg

    Ride out:

    1. cagimaha

    Forever in our hearts:

    1. YAL
    2. some other bearded guy
  • @rhowe told me on Tuesday he would be there.

  • I am still deliberating...will see how the day goes - I may be in dire need to some cold fresh country air.

  • Yep. I'm in. Will be riding out.

  • I'm a maybe as well - weather looks pretty rotten right now, and my new tyres are slow.

    Basically, i'm full of excuses.

  • Weather is set to stop raining around 4ish

  • Just got drowned on a site visit, I'm also now a maybe.

  • It will be fine. @cagimaha I’ll give you a no-mudguards pass.

  • Very kind of the mudguard police to offer this amnesty. I'll keep an eye on darksky. Wait out.

  • Looks like the end is nigh-ish

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  • Gonna go for it, see you at Potters Bar.

  • Excellent. I'll be on the 1915 from Finsbury Park, arriving in PB at 1932.

  • 🤦♂️

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  • I'll have the route on my navigation device, come!

  • Can't get lost on this one

  • Pulled a idiot move and went to Liverpool Street instead. Managed to get on the train though... not my night

  • I'm by the bus stop. Luckily not having to shelter under it yet.

  • Sorry - no show from me - late from work and needed beer

  • Sorry for being antisocial! Was keen to get back not ridiculously late.

  • No problem!

    Was good riding yesterday evening, thanks for coming.

  • Great ride, thanks all. Also extra thanks for facilitating

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The 2nd coming of Potters Bar

Posted by Avatar for cgg @cgg