Hard Day in January '20 - Kent Downs Edition

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  • Brilliant...Man Flu has hit!

    This morning's commute felt like someone had injected concrete directly into my legs

  • Sorry to hear it! Rest up and take it easy, maybe it'll clear by the weekend.

  • There is now a good amount of riders signed up, a fair few who I know are very strong. In the (distant) past this has been run as a kind of reliability ride where we set off in two or even three groups due to difference in strength. I'll be leading the main group at about 15mph - my year started with a broken leg and finished with a house move and another kid so it would be a minor miracle if I got around averaging 16mph.

    We'll make the call on Saturday. If there are a few of you who are keen to push off at a higher pace (or there are quite a few of us) we may divide it up. I love the idea of rolling all together but groupsize or the will of the strong may mean it's chopped up a bit.

  • Finally decided to sign up for this, if there is still space.
    Got my mudguards and flaps so ready to go.
    Having never done it before not sure how I will fair, but should be fun. Or not!

  • Ride out:
    1) jaeyukbapdap
    2) cgg (from North)
    3) onyerbike (from London Bridge)
    4) Seager (from Wimbledon)
    5) Camel Toe (from Welling/Blackheath)
    6) Biggles567 (kentish town)
    7) TTM (from Hither Green)
    8) LobsterShorts (from London Liverpool Street)
    9) cagimaha (from Brockley)

    Who's doing the dot-to-dot to join up the ride out route?

  • At this rate I'd rather do a GSIAD tbh

  • When are we doing a GSIAD?

  • There's a whole world of graph theory nerding you could have done here...

  • Ride out:
    1) jaeyukbapdap
    2) cgg (from North)
    3) onyerbike (from London Bridge)
    4) Seager (from Wimbledon)
    5) Camel Toe (from Welling/Blackheath)
    6) Biggles567 (kentish town)
    7) TTM (from Hither Green)
    8) LobsterShorts (from London Liverpool Street)
    9) cagimaha (from Brockley)
    10) josh01 (from Canary Wharf)

    I think we should just get Ubers and save our legs

  • Speaking of which, here's the route. I may make some only very minor adjustments over the coming days but otherwise this is it. It's a bit short of 90 miles but at this point any more distance come with quite an elevation surcharge so I am fine with it considering it's January:

  • Tnx for Polhill not Star Hill. Can't wait for the A21 cry-fest trying to stay on your wheel.

  • Looks great. Very glad we turn away from Carter’s Hill. Whimpered my way up it yesterday in the granny ring and was worried it might feature.

  • Is this ride fixed only?

  • I stalled the car going up it the other week...

    I'm almost tempted to come along on this, then remembered I'd have to do it fixed. So I'm out. Have fun, that'll be a brilliant day out!

  • I think you're very near the bottom of the list of riders who need to worry about their ability on this @TTM :)

    Also a massive shout out to @pastry_bot for his invaluable insight in linking together almost all the key sections of this route. You can also thank him for missing out Vigo Hill and an unnecessary loop down (and then back up) Knatts Valley

    @amey SS is acceptable as well.
    @cagimaha many faster rode choices were made at the expense of nicer but steeper lanes. So sadly Star Hill is missed, on the otherhand A21 smashfestina

  • @youramericanlover what's the max gradient? Looking at the one above nothing over 10% but aware these are not always totally accurate. Tempted by 77 gi as the descending will be knackering

  • I'm bringing a friend that will be using my old bike and therefore be on 77 gi.

  • Good effort, wished i'd done more than zero riding in 2019 as this would of been a great way to start the year!

    Have fun

  • Just signed up, hope that's ok - as I'm just in Greenwich seems rude not to.

  • I will be with you in spirit and will be doing my finest YAL tribute act on a HDIJesque jaunt around the Forth on Saturday

    9-10 depart from Gamma if anyone based in Edinburgh is keen/reading this thread

    I’ll be Singlespeeding

  • I doubt I’ll be able to make it now, been struck down with serious man flu since Thursday. Which is very annoying, especially as the route passes within 2 miles of my house out at the eastern end of the loop.

    You might want to revisit the route in a couple of spots, after Wrotham you turn right off Kemsing Road and start to head to Exedown, but turn left just before. That is a gravel track, passable on the right bike, but I don’t think it’s suitable for a fixie in January. Just stay on Kemsing Road, follow it round and eventually onto Pilgrims.

    Then approaching Otford you veer left, down to the railway line and over a crossing point. Just stay on Pilgrims, then left at the end.

    I suspect it’s because you plotted it in walking mode 🙂

    Also, just be a bit careful coming down Bow Hill near Wateringbury, it starts Ok but gets steep very quickly. At the bottom is a 90 degree bend that’s usually awash with gravel. Snapped my chain coming down there once, it wrapped around my hub and jammed the wheel, forcing a sideways skid to an eventual halt. Proper brown shorts moment.

    Another also, might be a bit tricky turning right onto Gibbs Hill not long after, it’s right on the brow of a hill on a bend. Cars often come along there at stupid speeds. I would still do it tho instead of going up to Wateringbury then left onto the A26. Gets very busy there, and around that way, people’s attitudes are very much ‘car is king’.

  • On the one hand I'm sure I'll be fine, and will be so good to ride with such a group. But on the other hand I have a broken wrist. Will have been in a cast for nearly 6 weeks by Saturday (out of 8). Is it more sensible to not do a all day hilly-ish ride, or am I worrying about nothing? Did 50km up all the hills in Richmond last week with no apparent problems.
    I'm so torn!

  • @Josh01 most other people I'd recommend going at most 74 but preferably lower, the cadence uphill is so grindy at that GI but I think you'll be fine. Clearly I can't say the same for @cgg friend who I've never met!

    @Sam thanks for spotting those routing errors, what you say is indeed where I meant it to go. Much appreciated!

    Oh dear @Ruserius dunno what to say. I'm sure your strong / tough enough to get around. But even a little unclip fail and you stick your arm out you might undo all the healing. Plus we'll be much further from home than Richmond Park in the event of a spill. As someone who spent a mere 25 mins by the roadside waiting for help in the winter I can say that was more than long enough. So I'm tempted to say give it a miss. But PM me if you wanna chat it out

  • @youramericanlover you have me a bit worried. I'll make sure he's fine with the gearing and in any case he can handle himself. I wouldn't think twice about it if I was riding on this bike but I'll be on the Stayer Space fixed gear at ~66.

    @Ruserius skip the ride and come to the pub?

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Hard Day in January '20 - Kent Downs Edition

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