Hard Day in January '20 - Kent Downs Edition

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  • @dimi3 HDIJ has been done before brakeless by an exceptionally strong rider (you're no slouch obviously) but to be honest we didn't descend anything like Gangers and this route has a lot more bumps than previous editions. I'd say please fit a front brake or give it a miss.

    @onyerbike So basically riding with no lockring? Dunno about that...

  • I think I am going to have to bow out of this one. Cant shake this cold and no time to rest up before Saturday. Gutting as this was by far my favourite ride of last year!

    Does mean if someone needs a bike to borrow for the ride and can get to the City tomorrow to pick it up you're more than welcome to borrow it for the weekend (as long as someone can vouch for you as I love this bike)

  • @Camel_toe a very kind offer from a gentleman and a scholar

  • I'm thinking 66" for this. SS though, so easymode.

  • I remember reading on here (or maybe somewhere else) someone recommending to not have a lockring on a fixed wheel for a bike used on the road, on the basis that if the pedals were to lock up unintentionally (eg if the chain jammed) the cog would just unscrew instead of the rear wheel locking up abruptly. Make of that what you will!

  • I've got f&r disc brakes and potentially a kind forum BB lockring incoming. But if not will leave SS.

  • Sounds like you know what you are doing so if you think you're fixed set up is safe go with it

  • Checking the route, we go the wrong way up Station Road in Borough Green @ 110km and looks pretty tight from Streetview - should we be going up the High St instead (next R)?

  • Yep well spotted, cheers. Now fixed.

    @TTM In case the weather is too nice and we're feeling overly fresh near the end I have a little extra zinger in my back pocket, but we'll leave it until we're at the top of Pohill to decide whether we want a bit of extra climbing and distance.

  • Please be knatts valley. Please be knatts valley. Please be knatts valley. 🤞

  • I did the commute on fixed this morning as a quick shakedown and am now scrabbling to find a new chain and easier gear. It’s running 48/17 which is too grindy for a spinner like me.

    Fettling the night before a big ride. What could possibly go wrong?!

  • You're not the only one, I've got some wheel bearings to sort out this evening.

  • Did you sort the BB already? Bleed your disc brakes? Upgrade your Di2 firmware?

  • As long as @cgg doesn't take the battery out of my mech so I have to put it back into sequential shifting mode again we're golden.

  • Final Route Update

    I have made the final changes to the route - we now do a final climb into Knockolt and the route now finishes at the Railway Tavern. I reserve the right to drop the Knockolt climb and continue to the A21 if I'm feeling done (aka fucked) after Polhill.

  • Roll out at 9am, I'll be swinging by the Greggs just down the road about 8:35-8:40

  • Ha. Liking your style

  • Just wait until I break out the whisky and cigarettes.

  • Whiskey, cigarettes and fig roles surely.

    Have a safe ride all. Will be thinking of you as I shepherd 12 seven year olds through a game of 10 pin bowling...

  • Have a good ride all. I’m still struggling with a chesty cough that I’ve had for over a week now. Did 50 mins on Zwift earlier at what would normally be an easy effort. Knocked me sideways for a couple of hours.

  • Can't make it tomorrow. Next year......... oxox

  • Spinny gear sorted. Legs sighing with relief.

    See you in the am

  • @TM 77 gear inches here easyyy edit: gonna die

  • Sadly I can’t make it tomorrow, have fun everyone!

  • smashed my knee in to my stem on the way home from work. knee has swollen. out. again...
    have fun.

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Hard Day in January '20 - Kent Downs Edition

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