Hard Day in January '20 - Kent Downs Edition

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  • @Sam thanks for spotting those routing errors, what you say is indeed where I meant it to go. Much appreciated!

    I knew that youโ€™d know where you would be going, but if the group did indeed split someone could have ended up being arrested by British Transport Police ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • come to the pub?

    Is there pub at the end? I reckon that's within my fixed cycling radius. Just maybe not the Richmal Crompton pls.

  • I am on lookout for pubs still - any suggestions?

  • @cgg this is for your friend really and not you, but also for those others who haven't been on this ride before or haven't done a extensive group winter riding:

    Consider that it will be cold, we'll be fixed/SS and it's ~90 miles going through the Kent Downs and High Weald. It's not near central London and light is scarce that time of year. These are things to consider for the rider and the group as a whole. I'm more than happy to have anyone who fancies along for it, however years where we rode as one group a rider was asked to find his own way back as he wasnt able to maintain the group pace. Riders have also sensibly opted for bailout points about halfway so as to join in the ride without fading and slowing down the group towards the end. This year a good bailout point would be Tonbridge.

    In nicer conditions this not not how I run rides, but in winter at 4 degrees in fading light with the threat of punctures, riders need to be self-sufficient and sensible if things aren't going their way. 15 people's warmth and safety depend on it.

  • Railway Tavern opposite Bromley North. Up the hill a bit, but better than anything at the Bromley South end of things. Sheffield stands on the outside, standard Antic on the inside. Good (if slightly fancier than it needs to be) food, plenty of seats. I can bring a lock or three.

  • Thanks for the headsup - I'm pretty experienced, self-sufficient, have knowledge of the area and happy to be dropped by the group if need be.

  • Thanks Dan, probably just the type of sensible reply I needed. Gonna sit this out I'm afraid. Anyway, the weather looks like it's going to be too good.
    @cgg Your suggestion is less sensible.

  • Pub choice sorted for the end, do we have a suitable half way stop venue?

    Not sure Tonbridge has an equivalent to the H Cafe but would be nice to get as close as possible to the bean tin lightshade vibez.

  • We do pass Teapot Island in Yalding which boasts the worlds biggest collection of teapots (this may not be true).

  • The Porcupine Pantry at Penshurst Place is very nice, as is Broadview Gardens Tea Room at Hadlow College. Iโ€™d personally stay out of Tonbridge.

  • Maybe not the world, but certainly England ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • They sound far too civilised

  • Unfortunately KINGDOM know we'll be rolling through. Although I prefer the vibes of the H Cafe it's slim pickings in the Weald and there is something to be said for heated rooms and safe cycle storage without locks. And yes if Kingdom is rammed we'll try the teapot place.

  • bloody hell.
    haven't been to penshurst in over 20 odd years!
    used to ride mtb's at the downhill bit.
    drop the saddles and hit a few laps on the sweet fixies?

  • Is the route posted the final draft?

    Also where did we land on the fast / not so fast grouping (or is that one to sort on the day)?

  • That's the route, any changes will be automatically integrated into that route.

    We'll decide on the day if/how the group will split up. Illness, #life and general bedwetting means it's not worth making plans until morning of.

  • Life has prevented my attendance. Forgot it was my eldest daughters birthday party....my attendance is aparently mandatory.

  • Ah Tim sorry to hear it dude. I'll be swinging back into town in the spring for some TNRCs so I'll try and see you then.

    @Camel_toe see?! :)

  • Ruserius' Wrist.

    A long time ago I had my wrist in plaster for just two weeks. I was keen to ride my club's open 100 which happened to be shortly after the plaster came off. I rode and I did finish, but it was one of the worst experiences of my cycling life because that wrist became extremely painful.

    So my advice is - don't risk damaging yourself and your season by attempting this ride.

  • Gearing

    YAL's advice is sound (as usual).

    I'd just like to repeat that a modest gear is always better than something too ambitious on this type of ride. 77" would be too low for a summer time trial, but too high for a hilly ride in January. Descending is not the problem - it's ascending you need to worry about- even if you're a natural grimpeur. Ideally, it's best if all the members of a group have similar gearing so that they ride to the same rhythm.

    I hope to see you all on Saturday. I will bring my camera, some spares, tools and the Trophy (but, sadly, not my bike).

  • Iโ€™ve been mulling over gearing, while trying also not to over think it (as I usually do) and have decided to stick with the 72โ€ that the bike Iโ€™m borrowing comes with. I am going to stick a 19t to give me an easier 67โ€ on the other side of the hub in case I need something a bit more spinny on the way back after the cafe.

    Iโ€™m getting excited now and am strangely finding myself slightly disappointed that the weather isnโ€™t likely to live up to proper HDIJ conditions. Though there will be a decent headwind for the first 30 miles or so.

  • This looks interesting, however I don't have a fixed / ss bike with brake(s), mudguards or bottle holders.

  • I am cobbling together a rideable bike last minute. The hub is one-sided for a SS freewheel but deliberating whether just to put a cog on anyway.

  • Take lots of pics plz

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Hard Day in January '20 - Kent Downs Edition

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