Wests 12th birthday

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  • Can easily understand the importance of all that.

    A typical Thursday does not have the numbers that will attend tonight,
    you will be made welcome.

  • Just about to set off.
    Should be at the Red Lion by 18.15
    if any local-ish commuters are there for an early doors drink.

  • Now here!
    Slight change to hike parking.
    Individual door within alley-blocking gate inoperative. We'll use the empty beer garden accessible up the alley on lhs side of the Red Lion.

  • Great night with a surprisingly warm cycle back east. Enjoyed listening to Moby on the journey too though I have to say he really loaded most of the hits on the opening of Play and it drops off on the back end

  • The medlar is also now in the freezer

  • Good to see everyone. Nice ride home for me too despite almost running over three foxes in the first half-mile.

  • Thanks to everyone who showed up. Peaking at 10 attendees, we filled the allocated space in the (nominal) VIP zone. I still have a disconnect with waiter service for pints of beer.
    (If anyone was concerned the experimental murky pint of London Pride 'smoothy', that I eventually returned as my assumption that it 'would settle down' was proved wrong, had no ill-effects).

    Pity the kitchen 'lost' the last three pizzas ordered, but I heartily enjoyed my vegan calzone.

    Absent friends were mentioned, @Oliver Schick, (ill), @mashton, @middleofnowhere and @lynx.

    See some of you on the 27th.

  • Thanks for organizing, good to see you and other West (ir)regulars! And thanks @Scrabble for the adventurous ride out.

  • Thanks for organising and for the goodies! Medlar also in the freezer!

  • I'm mortified at not making it and not sending apologies.

    Shame on me.

  • ^^ & ^^^
    You guys are always welcome,
    I'll join you on the 27th.
    If we meet up at an Xmas Lights Ride,
    you'll receive the 'taster' of 2018 Ruislip Sloe Gin,
    and a small jar of Sloe & Newton Wonder chutney.

  • For anyone mystified by all the medlar references.
    [It seems to have an enlarged wiki entry than I remember].

  • Enjoyed listening to Moby

    Never let it be said that people don't get really, really drunk at Wests any more. :)

    Sorry I didn't make it, was under the weather.

  • Anyone tried their (artificially) bletted medlar yet?

  • I just remembered mine is in the fridge and is pretty squishy.. is that a good thing?

  • I have had my sloe gin and it was highly pleasant, thanks @mespilus!

  • I have used some of my sloe gin during my last audax when my spirits needed a bit of lifting, it worked very well, thanks!

  • You've been inculcated into the Cult of Medlars!
    Get the terminology; bletting = (gone squishy =) now edible.
    I would suggest letting it regain room temperature to release the full flavour palette.

  • You are very welcome.
    Always pleased to share the Ruislip foraging harvest.
    Those 2018 Premier Grand Cru sloes were pretty good.

  • I'm glad a siimple gift had such a useful effect.

  • The best we can look forward to this year would be an online meet up.

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Wests 12th birthday

Posted by Avatar for mespilus @mespilus