Wests 12th birthday

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  • Depends upon what your 'early' is.
    I've provisionally booked some tables from 18.30,
    but could get there earlier if anyone else will be there.

  • Will try.

    No idea where the tuesday came from, I know that it is thursday, god knows why I decided it was today.

  • So much anticipation,
    you just can't wait for Thursday!

  • Welcome to @Rod_Munch

  • And welcome to @goosenoose

  • Time for some last minute list:

    Riding from central London

    • cgg
  • Ahoy - I think it was a stray mouse click that originally signalled my intention to attend, but looks like I can make it anyway!

    Is a ride out occurring? @cgg, @seager, @Ruserius, @Rod_Munch + anyone else.

    Last year we met at LMNH and took a northerly route. We could go south this year and follow the Thames. Chilled ride with gravel/puddles from Putney to Kew? Depends when people can get out of the office for as it will take an hour and half from central once we factor in group faff.

    edit- great minds @cgg

  • I'll ride there anyway so a ride out would be nice! Up for anything route-wise (gravel/puddle sounds cool if the weather's dry), I can get out of the office (Bank Station) from 1800.

    @middleofnowhere will you be with us?

  • Ride out from central London

    • cgg
    • scrabble
  • unfortunately not, boringly I'm at work.

  • Count me in!

    Ride out from Central London:

    1. CGG
    2. Scrabble
    3. cagimaha

  • Medlar Update.

    Important news for many of you.
    The sole publicly accessible medlar tree in (the Glory that is) Ruislip has had a good year.
    Medlars do not produce fruit in bunches, but we have a fair crop over all the branch network.
    This tree grows in a hollow, so is yet, this year, to experience a harsh frost that would trigger the bletting process rendering the medlars yieldingly soft and readily edible.
    I collected some windfalls this afternoon, and will bring them along.
    Medlar afficionadoes are welcome to a couple each.
    A couple of days in the freezer should bring forth the expected texture,
    (slightly coarser than stewed apple), and the notable flavours.

  • What time is team central rolling out? @cgg #facilitator

  • Added Fullers Seasonal beers link to 2nd post.

  • It seems @Scrabble is facilitating this one, but I'd say around 6 from Bank station as far as I'm concerned.

  • Where are folks coming from? I can meet people at the roundabout on the North side of Lambeth bridge.

    That would be about 6:15ish if folks left bank at 6.

  • I’m going to make the long shlep from... Twickenham. See you guys there!

  • My ride out west is from out west, so, ja, see you there.

  • I'll be quite late, I think, so won't be around for a ride out..

  • @cgg if it's just you and I coming from the cittahhhhh then I can meet you outside your work?

  • Cool. See you at 6:15ish at Lambeth bridge then.

    Artists impression of the route in my mind rendered below. If its too mucky we can bail out at Hammersmith Bridge and take some back streets.

    1 Attachment

    • Capture.JPG
  • @cagimaha for sure, meet 1755 at the bike entrance roll out 1800?

    @Scrabble looks cool, I have a gpx for a quick and straightforward route as well if all goes to hell.

  • Yep, see you then.

  • There will be a small bottle of 2018 Premier Grand Cru Ruislip Sloe Gin,
    (from a base 47.3% Gordons gin),
    for all attendees.

  • Apologies for late notice; won't be able to attend as just got paperwork back for place we're letting and need to get paperwork done/deposits underway. Will look to hit up next Thursday meetup!

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Wests 12th birthday

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